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  1. in 2010 was no hercules yet, it was eathena. and you can get any version from git for all commits starting from end of 2004.
  2. yes in configs not much logic, it mostly how hard hit, how big delays, skill types etc and actual logic in C side. in configs also relations between skill and sc.
  3. I not looked what this skill really do, But most skills works like this. At first skill name AS_GRIMTOOTH. Often skill activate some SC_* option. And if need some kind of helpers, skill may spawn skill units UNT_*. Logic separated between configs and code. So if you need understand how exactly selected skill works, you can look in code for skill constant first (in example AS_GRIMTOOTH)
  4. Fox fix some image size issue need also use this nemo patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/ChangeCaptchaImageDecompressionSize/
  5. you probably saw error what you loading wrong client? because this most patches will not works. try use unpatched client exe and with correct name.
  6. idk what this constant mean. you got script somewhere, get this constant too or try use similar hercules constant
  7. it said what constant MF_LOADEVENT not defined
  8. read about git rebase and git merge
  9. then you using wrong editor. windows editors mostly hide many things in text. try may be notepad++ or other editor where BOM chars visible and end of lines visible too. also you can try resave your config with unix end lines.
  10. at line 2051 you have error
  11. read error message and fix error at given position
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