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  1. you cant change packet size, without updating size in client also. Issue here because constant MAX_QUEST_OBJECTIVES used in server internals and in packet. second error probably because you not compiled char server with changed constant? In other words if change hercules in some way, in server side you can get more objectives, but client this not see extra objectives in all or some cases.
  2. iro files almost always very outdated, but i think good base for translation. As another source can be used euRo files People i think using translation by Asheraf: https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation and translation by zackdreaver https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE zackdreaver mostly for rathena and outdated clients and Asheraf's for latest clients.
  3. because you have kro for date 2019-02-25, try use similar client exe date
  4. utf-8 compatible with ansi characters. this mean you can use english letters and numbers in same way in utf-7, utf-8, and many other code pages. In all of them english letters will works fine
  5. utf-7 should not support any languages except english and may be german. if you using utf-8, then your texts must be in utf-8. This mean almost all non english chars should use other bytes. For fix your issue, all your texts must be in same codepage/locale.
  6. If you using not very old client, supported two sex values. One per account and one per char. Account sex probably completely ignored. And command @changesex changing account sex. In hercules look like no atcommand for change char sex. But you can use script function ``changecharsex`` You also can try at command @changecharsex from this pull request https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2528
  7. this line of code always will trigger skill error if ((sd->job & MAPID_UPPERMASK) != MAPID_TAEKWON || MAPID_STAR_GLADIATOR) { probably change it to this? if ((sd->job & MAPID_UPPERMASK) != MAPID_TAEKWON && (sd->job & MAPID_UPPERMASK) != MAPID_STAR_GLADIATOR) {
  8. Well is iteminfo protected i not checked. it probably may allow change it, because this is non critial file. This game guard checks list of files based on encrypted or compressed list of files. But technically it can not allow edit any file. For ragexe client you can try change file System/iteminfo_true.lub Anyway if at start you get some error, this mean game guard detected wrong file. As alternative way, you can try change extension for your translated file from lub to lua, may be in this way it can works
  9. again. you can change files only for sakray server (for ragexeRE client) and ragexe client protected by game guard Path for iteminfo file for sakray is System/iteminfo_Sak.lub
  10. At first you can do any modifications only on sakray server, but this is not main game. it reset all chars from time to time If you really want to use translation, you can try translations from here https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation It can be bit outdated, but should works with latest sakray client (RagexeRE)
  11. hm, read instructions? for example for 2019-07-24aRagexe_zero see here: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/2019-07-24aRagexe_zero/#download
  12. your issue is windows. You copy files from windows probably by ftp, and all file permissions was removed. Better way is clone from git on linux. Other fix option is run command chmod +x configure chmod +x config.status and may be same command for other files
  13. it switching encryption on the fly. each some minutes game guard may download new encryption module. This mean if even crack default encryption, after some minutes game guard will use other encryption.
  14. yes kro on main client (ragexe) and on zero using game guard named "cheat defender". It's also encrypt all traffic with map server. Why you need zero packets? Most already in herc... And you also can get encryption keys in herc