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  1. About compare hercules vs rathena, try search on this forum. i think was already topics about it. About up to date server, you can get up to date server only on official kro and jro servers, even other official servers very old, and private server missing features or updates. If you want use latest client, then you can use only hercules, because rathena not support them.
  2. can you update nemo from git and check is it works now?
  3. look like this patch not works on zero because file named bit different, i will try to fix it...
  4. You should enable patch "Always load Korea ExternalSettings lua file". This is allow use all supported langtypes. Next set langtype what you want for russian language or set servicetype to "russia"
  5. This is only client side feature. You need client: 2019-06-05 ragexeRE or newer 2019-06-19 ragexe or newer 2019-06-26 ragexe zero or newer
  6. Look like you still doing something wrong. I tested on 2019-12-24bRagexeRE with only official files, and all works fine
  7. If you not understand math, can you simply copy/paste fixed line?
  8. from what i remember in client, deleting message in client in kro, not removing message from list, but show it as gray. this mean this is not server issue. and here issue only warnings. you can try remove this warning, or simply ignore it
  9. You missing some directories in client folder. Try create SaveData or other missing directory.
  10. data directory and grf file/files. But anyway this all need for run zero client. But if you need zero machanics, it not implimented in hercules. I mean zero is revo classic, hercules support pre renewal and renewal mechanics. This mean if you need revo classic mechanics, you should implimente it by self, with or without zero client.
  11. this error mean you have old sql database and new hercules. Apply all missing updates or create db from scratch
  12. zackdreaver repo works for only legacy ragexeRE clients. grf and data for zero search on this forum. Here was some official kro client links
  13. for client you need grf and data files from official ragnarok zero. Search on this forum, here was some then you need client exe for zero can get one here: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/ for emulator see how build it for selected client exe in page where you downloaded client exe
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