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  1. in your server not exists constant bAtkEnemyVit. and server report error with type 0
  2. idk why it crashing for you, but better use function F_MesItemInfo like this F_MesItemInfo(501)
  3. I not updated this topic for long time. Some last lines from changelog
  4. you asked about custom currency. here you can use anything for currency
  5. read in docs and see samples with NST_CUSTOM. see in doc folder
  6. you not understand. don't change market c code. use shop type NST_CUSTOM in npc shop script.
  7. see in docs for NST_CUSTOM
  8. 4144

    Error Plugins hBG.c

    this question already was in some topic. search_freecell was renamed this mean plugin still bit old, but not too much
  9. 4144

    DB Error

    emulator try to save too long message into log table
  10. 4144

    Error Plugins hBG.c

    look like you using too old plugin version, try search newer plugin version
  11. 4144

    Recompiling Logs

    read about bash and other shells. how use them. you can redirect output to file.
  12. idk what is better. try default values or change them a bit
  13. get official full client and use it. don't apply any translations, and you will get korean ragnarok. also langtype in config set to 0. Other what left in English is server content, and need manually translate it to korean.
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