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  1. you show too much patches, but talking about grfs...
  2. try change charset in database property, in table propery and each columns also probably better set some good charset in mysql.conf or mariadb.conf (depend what sql software you using) If you not sure what charset to set, try utf8mb4 or utf8mb4_general_ci. it should support any languages
  3. hercules script not set locale for db, and hercules code not set it. this mean locale/codepage used default from your mysql server. and probably default is not what you want because this need or change mysql config or/and change locale/codepage in db, tables etc
  4. at first try use minimal number of patches
  5. with codepages is hard. if you had already db and tables in wrong codepage, you may need change codepage for database for table and for column. or for all of them depend how codepages used in your tables. also need select codepage with 8 bits without validation. some codepages even if it's 8 bits, will throw errors on wrong chars.
  6. to be clear. hercules still will use conf files, but plugin db2sql allow extract many info as sql files. after you can use this files and get your items/mobs etc in your web panel
  7. you can always reproduce this issue?
  8. i think some devs searched how reproduce this issue. look like you using pre-re mode?
  9. default packet version 20190530, and main client type
  10. no. with php script it non flexible. i working a bit on emblems and other things implementation in hercules, but still need add many missing features.
  11. depend what you mean support. for run server and connect client, any version from kro ragexe, ragexeRE and ragexe zero. Will be no support for future clients, but they not released yet on kro. but if you mean some features it may depend. guild emblems not works for any client bigger than default version. for 4th job clients, some packets wrong, for example rodex, but client still can works fine.
  12. this errors mean you using broken lua files or lua files not same version with your client exe also issue with lua files can be from translations
  13. 4144

    2 DEVS

    try google about git workflows. Two devs can commit into same branch, or into separate, and merge them after. all depend what you select.
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