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  1. New hotkeys/shortcuts http://imgc1.gnjoy.com/ufile/common/2019/04/12/014334_tnvh5Gat.gif For use this shortcuts need client: ragexe from 2019-05-22 ragexeRE from 2019-05-08 ragexe_zero from 2019-05-15 For hercules need use this pull request https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2468
  2. try this plugin https://github.com/HerculesWS/StaffPlugins/tree/master/Haru/naviluagenerator
  3. You can use any clients. But limits: is you can get data/grf for same client version and patches what you need from nemo
  4. 4144

    Old Client

    In packets.h only packets send from client, and your sample packets look like only server to client packets.
  5. 4144

    Old Client

    If old packet was correct, and look like it never was changed, this error mean you using wrong packet version or client type if at 2009 sakray mean sakexe, then you need use in mmo.h ENABLE_PACKETVER_SAK. Anyway if client somehow works even with this errors, it can be fine for testing. this errors is packets validation, but it not prevent to send/receive packets. it only show what packets wrong
  6. only client. db you can change or fill by self
  7. 4144

    Old Client

    Xray look like is some custom name. Also look like version 20091013 is wrong. This is probably internal kro build version, but need released client version. In 2009 was 3 different clients ragexeRE, ragexe, sakexe. And you can set type for each of it in hercules. Packets can be different for all of them If you using windows see in mmo.h for //#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_RE for ragexeRe, //#define ENABLE_PACKETVER_SAK for sakexe. For ragexe dont need uncomment client type If you using linux, can do same or use configure parameters for change packet version and client type
  8. http://herc.ws/board/topic/16391-2018-06-2021ragexere-char-select-fix/
  9. this is also can be issue with latest grf and very outdated client exe. In this forum was link somewhere with some old textures to fix this issue
  10. try update hercules to latest version. now it should not show errors about this packet
  11. Display group (titlte) and icon for mobs, homunculus, npc, mercenaries For set icon in some way need get bl_id of npc, mob etc and call function: Set icon setunitdata(GID, UDT_GROUP, ID) Icon files stored in directory data/texture/유저인터페이스/group/group_ID.bmp Where GID is bl id of being, ID is icon id. Example for npc: setunitdata(getnpcid(), UDT_GROUP, 3); It will use this image: data/texture/유저인터페이스/group/group_3.bmp Set group setunittitle(GID, group_name); Where group_name is any name what you want assign to group Example for npc: setunittitle(getnpcid(), "Hercules"); Sample images Works from versions: ragexe from 20180207, ragexeRE from 20171129, ragexe_zero from 20171130
  12. @Functor look like your changes affect starting from 2015 clients. And Nemo updated
  13. thanks
  14. Use patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/IncreaseHairSprites/ 64k patch works normally for old clients only. Successful show only what patch can be enabled. But it not show is client crash or not.
  15. In very latest clients was changed compiler, because this many patches may not works Nemo without patch word in header useless for anything newer than 2016-2017 clients. You can wait unit this patch will be fixed in future, or you can sponsor fix. I mostly not have time for patches