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  1. then search any tutorials how install server. here on forums exists even almost complete offline pack.
  2. at first you should compile server and plugins next open dir where server compiled and run ./map-server --generate-translations
  3. look like this client missing on mirrors for some reason. try newer or older version.
  4. what kind of error you got on nemo site?
  5. pointshop look like this is rathena. better add tag what your question related to rathena.
  6. without translations you should use same or similar version of grf and data with your client exe. older or newer version may not works.
  7. do not enable any patches for hide errors. and next time probably client will say you what is wrong. also for different client exe need different data and grf. if you using translations, see wiki for each supported clients in translations and how to use them.
  8. hm, then probably need write it topic what this is not hercules but rathena
  9. at first you using wrong code. must be not clif_displaymessage but clif->message For text with color try use clif->messagecolor_self or clif->messagecolor. also clif_viewpoint wrong too. must be used clif->viewpoint
  10. this command works only for old clients where mail system used. in newer clients used rodex, and here no command for open rodex.
  11. at this link only client exes. but for working client need also data and grf with similar version.
  12. please create issue about this patch and client in https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/-/issues/new
  13. because you not download file with browser. i saw people often use some download manager in chrome, and this download manager corrupting downloaded file names. try disable this download manager.
  14. in putty use screen or tmux. and inside screen or tmux run your server then it can survive your disconnection.
  15. look like shuffle packets for client older than main 2012-07-10aRagexe not known. this mean older than this clients can works if some one tested each packet for them. my tools still cant extract all shuffle packets for old clients too. this mean you got chance to work with clients from some 2010 to 2012-07-10 only if this clients directly added to packets.h for example here exists 2011-11-02aRagexe: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/src/map/packets.h#L809
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