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  1. You missing some directories in client folder. Try create SaveData or other missing directory.
  2. data directory and grf file/files. But anyway this all need for run zero client. But if you need zero machanics, it not implimented in hercules. I mean zero is revo classic, hercules support pre renewal and renewal mechanics. This mean if you need revo classic mechanics, you should implimente it by self, with or without zero client.
  3. this error mean you have old sql database and new hercules. Apply all missing updates or create db from scratch
  4. zackdreaver repo works for only legacy ragexeRE clients. grf and data for zero search on this forum. Here was some official kro client links
  5. for client you need grf and data files from official ragnarok zero. Search on this forum, here was some then you need client exe for zero can get one here: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/ for emulator see how build it for selected client exe in page where you downloaded client exe
  6. See itemdb fields ShowDropEffect and DropEffectMode But you need client atleast 20180418 for ragexe or ragexeRE or any zero versions.
  7. if you need also player interaction from item script, need call npc label in one of ways for attach npc to player. after you can use select/menu etc
  8. with default config, hercules using one database. If you want more than one db, change configuration files
  9. If you using unpatched client exe, both ragexe and ragexeRE need launcher or command line parameters. Probably main selection is how new client exe you want to use and then find exe where all patches what you need can be enabled. For client exe and patches you can see here: http://nemo.herc.ws/ Newer clients most time have more features.
  10. For add link, you can use script function F_MesItemInfo. It add correct tags for any client versions
  11. at first you need grf and other files for zero with similar version with your exe in other words you cant use grf/data from normal kro with zero.
  12. this probably mean you missing some resources or have it wrong version
  13. by logs it say you have corrupted db. Try fix it, or remove mysql/mariadb and install again
  14. This client using cheat defender anti cheat, for disable it, you must use Nemo. Old patchers not support this anti cheat. And yes this is normal. You can connect to login and char servers, but cant to map. For fix this, use Nemo Here you can see what patches can works and what cant with your client: http://nemo.herc.ws/clients/2018-06-20eRagexe/
  15. Try this pr https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2568 I add some info if it crashing on parsing wrong data, but i cant reproduce your issue. If it crash, show output here
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