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  1. Try this donation link https://pay.cloudtips.ru/p/99d0182d Should works with cards/google pay. Look like it partially translated to english and it count donation in russian rubles...
  2. for this item disabled drop, trade etc. you can remove this attributes in item_db.conf for item 22508. or if you want do this only some times, you can write script for delete item from player inventory see command delitem
  3. this error show what you have wrong or missing external settings file.
  4. no target amount. and i planning complete atleast some features described in "what need to add" section, but no time and no donations, i not working on it for now
  5. no. and funding look like not working. no one interested in this features.
  6. wrong or missing externalsettings file. for use always korean external setting file use patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/AlwaysReadKrExtSettings/
  7. it can mean missing patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/DisableFilenameCheck/ or if you using 2019 client or near, then you must use cdclient.dll from nemo.
  8. text messages in msgstringtable numbers in server configs
  9. try run run copy of your server in vps as test server. on test server try remove plugins and custom changes. if it works fine, try slowly add your changes. or issue can be in one of config or db files. for check this try build for test server completly clean hercules version and check is issue present or not.
  10. 4144

    Python plugin

    you can share pythin plugin? probably will be good to add it as sample plugin into hercules
  11. 4144

    Python plugin

    undefined referenced like show what you not linking with python library. need something like but probably with full path to libpython.so with version number in name you can see what library to use in other programs what linked to python.
  12. also fix is here https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/3103
  13. i checked in your client version. look like this client using weight as raw value. other clients using it as multiply to 10. i will try to do generic fix for old clients. but for you for quick fix, find in clif.c line item->weight = id->weight * 10; and replace to this item->weight = id->weight;
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