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  1. if you have both configs configured, then you not apply some critical patches from recommended list. for check is you really connecting to hercules you should see what some one connected to login server. if you see nothing, then client even not connecting to your server.
  2. again. probably you not configured client how connect to server. Client may use clientinfo.xml or sclientinfo.xml if you dont know whar your client using, you need both of this files.
  3. connection delayed most time mean you connecting to official servers and not to hercules. this mean missing or wrong clientinfo.xml or sclientinfo.xml depend what your client is using.
  4. not sure what wrong with timer. you changed code or add any plugins? About status effect, look like you have outdated at least constants.conf. Try test for same issues on clean hercules.
  5. no, in nemo i think no patches for this, because client too old alternative way, you can distribute reg file for fix resolution. simply ask players to run it if need fix resolution.
  6. if you know what registry key it using, you can try to patch client exe.
  7. No. for zero you need zero files. Kro files will not works.
  8. look like no one worked or zero mechanics
  9. look like you using not client exe, but script for download client. Try read instruction how to get client exe what you selected.
  10. Zero mechanics sadly not implimented. About zero clients, can works all clients from http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/, but you also need data and grf from similar zero version. From normal kro data/grf will not works with zero client
  11. probably some files missing. try use less patches, also dont enable patches for hide errors.
  12. use any patches what works, some non critical patches may fail to apply.
  13. if you using 2018-06-21aRagexe.exe, then you must use also cdclient.dll from nemo
  14. can you show output of commands? ping gnjoy.com ping ropatch.gnjoy.com
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