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  1. this line of code always will trigger skill error if ((sd->job & MAPID_UPPERMASK) != MAPID_TAEKWON || MAPID_STAR_GLADIATOR) { probably change it to this? if ((sd->job & MAPID_UPPERMASK) != MAPID_TAEKWON && (sd->job & MAPID_UPPERMASK) != MAPID_STAR_GLADIATOR) {
  2. Well is iteminfo protected i not checked. it probably may allow change it, because this is non critial file. This game guard checks list of files based on encrypted or compressed list of files. But technically it can not allow edit any file. For ragexe client you can try change file System/iteminfo_true.lub Anyway if at start you get some error, this mean game guard detected wrong file. As alternative way, you can try change extension for your translated file from lub to lua, may be in this way it can works
  3. again. you can change files only for sakray server (for ragexeRE client) and ragexe client protected by game guard Path for iteminfo file for sakray is System/iteminfo_Sak.lub
  4. At first you can do any modifications only on sakray server, but this is not main game. it reset all chars from time to time If you really want to use translation, you can try translations from here https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation It can be bit outdated, but should works with latest sakray client (RagexeRE)
  5. hm, read instructions? for example for 2019-07-24aRagexe_zero see here: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/2019-07-24aRagexe_zero/#download
  6. your issue is windows. You copy files from windows probably by ftp, and all file permissions was removed. Better way is clone from git on linux. Other fix option is run command chmod +x configure chmod +x config.status and may be same command for other files
  7. it switching encryption on the fly. each some minutes game guard may download new encryption module. This mean if even crack default encryption, after some minutes game guard will use other encryption.
  8. yes kro on main client (ragexe) and on zero using game guard named "cheat defender". It's also encrypt all traffic with map server. Why you need zero packets? Most already in herc... And you also can get encryption keys in herc
  9. then you doing something wrong. Also you can use new clients with id limit up to 2147483648. In config by default it set to 131072
  10. client should support big ids too. if it not, 64k id will not works for client. And will show errors or wrong sprites
  11. look like no. but i not tested personally what this patch doing
  12. what you mean not working? cant enable it in nemo or it enabled, but pressing key works same as without patch?
  13. https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/70f27fe5c114f7c7f834f95f6ab0e8decf8dc6af/ChangeLog.md New patches: Increase hair style limit in game (old) - contains old patch for extend hair sprites id for human. Force use icons only from stateiconimginfo.lub by Jchcc. Add patches for hide all other buttons by 4144. Add patches for set hide/show other buttons by 4144. Allow spam skills by hotkey by Functor, 4144. Updates patches: Increase hair style limit in game - now extending hairs for humans and dorams. New translations: Add Thai translation by Kelberwitz Blade's - found packed nemo archive in github. Plugin updates: Show client version always with UTC time zone.
  14. Server may crash with your changes if skill invoked not by player