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  1. hello guys i have 2 questions... how I can make a npc teleport a player at a certain point and this can not move until they pass a certain time? How i can make a script when a player dies, this throw everything you have in the inventory? that all... plz answer me
  2. Emmm you didnt copy and paste the script... you know how i know that? because you pasted the same screen that the other time.. and in my pc that script is working very well .-. anyway this is the script // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// ------ Script Release// Title: Premium/ViP Services System// Author: Diconfrost VaNz - www.wipeoutgaming.info - [email protected]// Version: 2.0// Special thanks to the following for helping me making this script// Jezu// Dastgr// clydelion// // Note: This is a character-based script. If you want to make this into Account-Based, just put "#" beside "prmm".// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------prontera,155,181,5 script Clahador 757,{mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]";mes "Hello "+strcharinfo(0)+", I'm ^FF0000Clahador the butcher^000000.";mes "I will be of help if you need something.";next;mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]";mes "Oh! you need help?";mes "What kind of help do you need?";next;switch(select("Newbie here:I'm a ViP!:Nevermind")){ case 1: mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]"; mes "Did you already claim your free items in the ^FF0000Freebies NPC^000000???"; next; switch(select("Yes!:No!")){ case 1: mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]"; mes "Haha, i hope you like those items."; next; mes "By the way, you can earn zennies through quests like going to daily quest, request board, and many more!"; mes "Did you know that you can have many zennies you want if you gonna hunt more rare items?"; mes "Try it!"; close; case 2: mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]"; mes "You should get 'em!."; mes "It will help you on the start."; close; } case 2: mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]"; mes "Oh you avail our ViP Ticket!"; mes "Thank you!"; next; mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]"; mes "Your Premium Service will expire after " + callfunc("Time2Str",prmm); mes "You should maximize it"; mes "Grind your skills and hunt now!"; close; case 3: mes "[^FF0000Clahador^000000]"; mes "Thank you!"; mes "Come Again!"; close; }}function script getPremium { set [email protected], getarg(0); if ([email protected] <= 0) { debugmes "getPremium - tried to set a timer in the past"; end; } set prmm, (prmm > gettimetick(2)) ? prmm : gettimetick(2) + [email protected]; doevent "login::OnPCLoginEvent"; return;}- script login -1,{OnPCLoginEvent: if (prmm > gettimetick(2)) { dispbottom "Your Premium Service will expire after " + callfunc("Time2Str",prmm); sc_start SC_EXPBOOST,(( prmm - gettimetick(2) ) * 1000 ),200; sc_start SC_JEXPBOOST,(( prmm - gettimetick(2) ) * 1000 ),200; sc_start SC_ITEMBOOST,(( prmm - gettimetick(2) ) * 1000 ),100; atcommand "@adjgroup 1 "+strcharinfo(0); deltimer strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnPCLoginEvent"; if ((prmm - gettimetick(2)) < 2147483) { addtimer (prmm - gettimetick(2)) *1000, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnPCLoginEvent"; } else { addtimer 2147483000, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnPCLoginEvent"; }} else if (prmm) { atcommand "@adjgroup 0 "+strcharinfo(0); sc_end SC_EXPBOOST; sc_end SC_JEXPBOOST; sc_end SC_ITEMBOOST; set prmm, 0; dispbottom "Premium Services has ended.";}end;}- script atcmd23 -1,{OnAtcommand:dispbottom "Your Premium Service will expire after " + callfunc("Time2Str",prmm);end;OnInit: bindatcmd "premium",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; end; }
  3. pretending to be alive while slowly dying inside

    1. M45T3R


      Die you nasty cat !

  4. Fixed Bug and update the script. http://upaste.me/917c58833330ca77 Remind to put this callfunc "getPremium", 7 * 24 * 3600; 7 = days And used this with a item usable. example: 20500,Premium_Pass,Premium Pass,0,50,,70,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ callfunc "getPremium", 7 * 24 * 3600; },{},{}