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  1. I really wonder which emulator do you use ?! If you using rathena and updated your Server to latest git hash, you probably need to modify new yml db's
  2. you are trying to run hercules with root privillages , which is not supported by herc for a good reason, make new user and run your server with the new user
  3. Hercules do not run with root privileges Make a new user and run Hercules from the new created user
  4. Make sure that listed items in shop are existing in your item_db
  5. This is known bug with 2015 clients https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/2348
  6. Cyro

    Help me

    You can add/remove/replace it in towninfo.lub
  7. if you are using phpmyadmin you can select the table you want to clean and click "empty" you can also wipe them using sql query leav login,char tables so your beta players can have their old accounts and characters
  8. Cyro

    Cluckers Event

    check this link https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt#L1006-L1015 change OnMinute01: to OnClock0100: list all hours and exclude the hours u dont want
  9. Well, id suggest you to buy this one euro hosting which comes with one gb ram and 20gb hd You can also host Hercules there since it got one gb. So web hosting + server hosting for 2 euro/month, You can also buy other web hosting which I came across 10 usd/year with 4gb space which also provides cpanel Both are simply good for a starting simple website with a good amount of bandwidth
  10. I really love that "humon check" captcha Ps- you made it since most of the free web hosting do not support it ? I remember makinig my first website for ragnarok using .tk (was free) domain with free web hosting which had alot if restrictions like using captcha! , so I gave up on free web hosting
  11. if you are using windows 10, and some particular graphic card( like geforce or amd) , run it in compatibility mode, and use open setup and check options compatible to your graphic card
  12. i don't think harmony is alive anymore , so asking for updates and bumping it makes no sense xD
  13. Might be missing some files Check if your data.grf is up to date, also add rdata.grf
  14. Errr, never mind i thought you posted same topic twice
  15. i guess 2016,2017 clients are not yet stable like msgstringtable is not yet readable with this clients i suggest to use 2015-11-04 ps-hercules officially supporting 2014-10-22 at the moment as stable client
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