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  1. @KirieZ Hi, i'm trying to implement this but isn't working for me.Hi, i'm triying to implement this but isn't working for me. I have the following in my option_drop_groups.conf: option_drop_group_db: ( { ValkRandom: ( { Rate: 5000 CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: 5, // 5% más de daño a MvPS CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: [6, 8] // 6 ~ 8% más de daño a MvPS CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: [9, 15, 1000] // 9 ~ 15% más de daño a MvPS }, { Rate: 2500 CLASS_DAMAGE_BOSS_TARGET: 25, // 25% más de daño a MvPS }, ), TEST2: ( { Rate: 5000 VAR_MAXHPPERCENT: 5, // 5% MAXHP VAR_MAXHPPERCENT: [6, 8] // 6 ~ 8% MAXHP VAR_MAXHPPERCENT: [9, 15, 1000] // 9 ~ 15% MAXHP }, { Rate: 2500 RACE_TOLERACE_HUMAN: 25, // 25% resistencia Demi-Human }, ) } ) Later, in the drops mob, i have the following: { Id: 1751 SpriteName: "RANDGRIS" Name: "Valkyrie Randgris" Lv: 99 Hp: 3567200 Sp: 0 Exp: 2854900 JExp: 3114520 AttackRange: 3 Attack: [5560, 9980] Def: 25 Mdef: 42 Stats: { Str: 100 Agi: 120 Vit: 30 Int: 120 Dex: 220 Luk: 210 } ViewRange: 10 ChaseRange: 12 Size: "Size_Large" Race: "RC_Angel" Element: ("Ele_Holy", 4) Mode: { CanMove: true Aggressive: true CastSensorIdle: true Boss: true CanAttack: true Detector: true CastSensorChase: true ChangeChase: true ChangeTargetMelee: true ChangeTargetChase: true } MoveSpeed: 100 AttackDelay: 576 AttackMotion: 576 DamageMotion: 480 MvpExp: 1427450 MvpDrops: { Old_Violet_Box: 5500 Old_Blue_Box: 5000 Old_Card_Album: 2000 } Drops: { Valhalla_Flower: 5000 Valkyrie_Armor: (1600, "ValkRandom") Valkyrie_Manteau: (3000, "ValkRandom") Valkyrie_Shoes: (3000, "ValkRandom") Helm_: (5000, "ValkRandom") Bloody_Edge: 2500 Randgris_Card: 1 } }, At the first time, the console show no errors, but when i implemented a custom map with ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --map , the console give me the following error:
  2. @Dastgir In Release v2019.05.05 i have the following error: before the update, this wasn't happening
  3. Cool!, this can be very useful to identify special events, mobs,npc, etc. More power to Herc! Thank you Herc's Developers !
  4. The optimization that herc give to the users is amazing. Most oriented to the newbie user to the plug and play, and his own system convert herc to a powerful emulator of ragnarok online.
  5. yep, i can create/drop the item without error, and the sprite, bmp looking good. The problem is with the plugin, for some reason show all with apples.
  6. Hi, i'm wondering if i'm the only one who see his currency item list in unknown mode. The system is currently working, but it's annoying that the selling type show with unkown items. Zeny ID = 39000 Cash ID = 39001 Client Date = 20181226 Plugin = ExtendedVending Things that i already tested 1.- Verify iteminfo 2- Verify if the sprite it's Ok 3.- Testing in the old format, idnum2itemresnametable and idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt
  7. @AnnieRuru what is the way to breakdown the menu in separate case. For example, if the player have complete a "x" quest, the first option will do something, and the other another thing and so on @edit NVM, I solved what I was looking for
  8. For my perspective, rAthena it's more involved in ragnarok scene, instead of herc, that doesn't have update in ragnarok scene, because it's more focused in the internal mechanism. rAthena have more developers instead of herc, and their pull request are merged more faster than herc xD
  9. Wow!, thank you annie!. I'm your fan now
  10. Hi, i'm wondering if is possible to unlock menu option of a NPC with certain requeriments. For example, the NPC give 3 menu options. - The first one will be in black (available), because is the default option - The second one will be in gray (unavailable), until the character complete certain requeriment (quest chain for example). When the character complete the previous quest chain and talk again to the npc, the menu will turn in black meaning that the option is available for use. - The third option, is the same logic that the previous one (second option).
  11. Good!, i'm become your patreon now!.
  12. Oh, i see. Thank you again AnnieRuru, hope the pull request gonna be merged soon