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  1. More information here: Map suggested: mjo_dun02 or mjo_dun03 maybe. Video:
  2. Would be nice if we can have another type of BG, for example Silvershard Mines or a command that make the players vote for a BG to play
  3. Thank you, with that pr i has knew where was the problem reside. Anyways, my problem was for some reason i has a dot in JExp, i changed to an integer and problem was fixed. Exp: 18000 JExp: . Fixed
  4. Sorry, didn't get it. What should i do?
  5. Uhm, this is what i have: 2549,[email protected]_FIREBOLT,attack,19,5,3000,1000,3000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,,
  6. Hi, wondering what i'm doing wrong with this: [[email protected] Hercules]# python2 /home/lothar/Hercules/tools/ pre-re /home/lothar/Hercules/ Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/", line 264, in <module> ConvertDB(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/", line 217, in ConvertDB MobDB = Tools.LoadDBConsts('mob_db', mode, serverpath) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/", line 40, in LoadDBConsts config = libconf.load(f) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/", line 531, in load includedir=includedir) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/", line 304, in from_file tokens.extend(tokenizer.tokenize(''.join(lines))) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/", line 230, in tokenize self.filename, self.row, self.column) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/", line 135, in __init__ self.value = float(self.text) ValueError: could not convert string to float: .
  7. Hi, is there any method to restrict Attendance System to not be per character ?. Currently this system can be easily exploitable making new characters.
  8. Changing Element, to Ele_Weapon.
  9. Hi, how can i convert Acid Demonstration based on the weapon element?. I tried changed in skill_db but has no effect. I'm using pre-renewal mode.
  10. Extremely and hiper recommended. This guy have a real talent, and very professional. Communication: 10/10 Experience: 10/10 Price: 10/10
  11. Hi, i have an error. The theme said that have an invalid argument, and the icons for server status and the other one in green are loading in a loop.
  12. Oh.. for some reason my doubt appear in the spoiler box. Anyways, that i trying to do is to clean this message, because my sql database is already up to date.
  13. Hi, recently i restore a sql DB. But in the map-server, appear the following:
  14. Hi, sorry for the double post, but i need help with this. @KirieZ can you give me a hand 😓?
  15. Hi, how can i store the current item bonus ?. i'm having trouble when i use an enchantment npc with an item that have item bonus, because the enchantment override the currently bonus. i think it's something with getequipoption , but i don't know how to store the current item bonus and set again the same bonus.