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  1. I mean that the current effect of Perfect Hit, can be affected to character that have PD too.
  2. Hi, im looking for adding an effect to this status. Currently can hit character with Flee, i wanted to this bonus can hit characters with PD too.
  3. isn't this? As i know, Happy hours put available Ranked Reward Mode
  4. More information here: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Silvershard_Mines Map suggested: mjo_dun02 or mjo_dun03 maybe. Video:
  5. Would be nice if we can have another type of BG, for example Silvershard Mines or a command that make the players vote for a BG to play
  6. Thank you, with that pr i has knew where was the problem reside. Anyways, my problem was for some reason i has a dot in JExp, i changed to an integer and problem was fixed. Exp: 18000 JExp: . Fixed
  7. Sorry, didn't get it. What should i do?
  8. Uhm, this is what i have: 2549,[email protected]_FIREBOLT,attack,19,5,3000,1000,3000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,,
  9. Hi, wondering what i'm doing wrong with this: [[email protected] Hercules]# python2 /home/lothar/Hercules/tools/mobskilldbconverter.py pre-re /home/lothar/Hercules/ Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/mobskilldbconverter.py", line 264, in <module> ConvertDB(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/mobskilldbconverter.py", line 217, in ConvertDB MobDB = Tools.LoadDBConsts('mob_db', mode, serverpath) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/common.py", line 40, in LoadDBConsts config = libconf.load(f) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/libconf.py", line 531, in load includedir=includedir) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/libconf.py", line 304, in from_file tokens.extend(tokenizer.tokenize(''.join(lines))) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/libconf.py", line 230, in tokenize self.filename, self.row, self.column) File "/home/lothar/Hercules/tools/utils/libconf.py", line 135, in __init__ self.value = float(self.text) ValueError: could not convert string to float: .
  10. Hi, is there any method to restrict Attendance System to not be per character ?. Currently this system can be easily exploitable making new characters.
  11. Changing Element, to Ele_Weapon.
  12. Hi, how can i convert Acid Demonstration based on the weapon element?. I tried changed in skill_db but has no effect. I'm using pre-renewal mode.
  13. Extremely and hiper recommended. This guy have a real talent, and very professional. Communication: 10/10 Experience: 10/10 Price: 10/10
  14. Hi, i have an error. The theme said that have an invalid argument, and the icons for server status and the other one in green are loading in a loop.
  15. Oh.. for some reason my doubt appear in the spoiler box. Anyways, that i trying to do is to clean this message, because my sql database is already up to date.
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