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  1. 'EnableIPVoteCheck' => false, The VoteForPoints Addon has been updated. more updates coming soon.
  2. at config/application.php 'UseCleanUrls' => true, // Set to true if you're running Apache and it supports mod_rewrite and .htaccess files.
  3. Vote for Points - Version 1.2 Freebies - Version 1.2.2 Support Tickets - Version 1.2.1 Github: http://github.com/Feefty Email: [email protected] rAthena: Feefty Hercules: Feefty PM me for suggestions. Buy me a coffee voteforpoints-1.2.rar freebies-1.2.2.rar support-1.rar support-1.2.1.rar
  4. Features [*]Written in PHP [*]Extensible via modules, hooks and plugins. [*]Content Management System¹ [*]Smarty enabled skinning system makes customizing the layout super easy. [*]Most features enabled through modules [*]Account Management [*]War of Emperium / Guild Info [*]Who's Online [*]IPB Integration¹ [*]Dynamically Generated Guild Emblems [*]Dynamically Generated Character Avatars³ [*]Payment System³: Items³, services³, levels³, character renames³ and more. [*]Payment APIs³: PayPal², Skrill² (Moneybookers), Google Checkout¹, Amazon Payments¹, Authorize.net¹ and more. [*]Vote for Points³ [*]¹ Not yet implemented or still a work in progress. ² Implemented but not yet public. ³ Feature is not free.
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