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  1. sir could you add GM menu so that GM can reset npc? like if GM lvl 99 goto GM menu? sorry i dont know how to add reset commands is this correct to add a another rent healer? prontera,155,181,5 script Healer#rent1 757,{ found error with GmOcean modifty script : [Warning]: Incorrect use of 'close' command! (source:Healer#rent / path:npc/basi cnpc/renthealer.txt)
  2. thanks for the fast reply i will check them now Question what if i want to make a duplicate of this npc but each npc has diffrents owners? for all town map and dungen?
  3. i like the 2nd neat, simple, clean and chibi !!!
  4. it looks neat, but not ro related i guess
  5. Hello guys i need some expert help with this script, it was provided by Emistry from rAthena as i request it from there, but i had bumped to error when testing here are the error details : script:set_reg: failed to set param 'Zeny' to -100. and here is a copy of the whole script :
  6. ok so i got the thor online now but my notice.html is not showing and how can i send files like BGM etc? *update notice is working now just the start button is nt working
  7. and im not sure wich part that im failed at help pls...
  8. i cant make my thor patcher patch been following guides but still cant work it out,
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    Welcome to Hercules Community Thanks ! :D
  10. Hello guys i need help on build my thor patcher, i have try to setup using serval guide from rAthena and even youtube, so i miight be a dumb or nubblings, really wish if someone could help me with this please add me tru my skype thanks.. fogot to add my skype skype : [email protected]
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    Hello !

    I just wana say hi, moved to hercules from rAthena