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  1. prontera,155,185,5 script Reward/Compensation 1_F_MARIA,{ if ( #Compensation_June2018 ) { mes "you have claimed compensation"; close; } mes "We apologize for blah blah blah"; mes "so I give you a candy"; if ( !checkweight(Candy,1) ) { mes "hahaha you don't even has enough space to claim a candy hahaha"; close; } getitembound Candy, 1, 1; #Compensation_June2018 = 1; close; OnInit: OnHour00: if ( gettime(GETTIME_MONTH) == JUNE && gettime(GETTIME_DAYOFMONTH) >= 9 && gettime(GETTIME_DAYOFMONTH) <= 15 ) enablenpc strnpcinfo(0); else disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; } @AnnieRuru can you make it account bound? i will just put box with item cant be trade sell or drop, if possible GM can configure to create custom code or generate random code?
  2. Hye i would like to request an NPC, About the NPC: 1. Player will just click the npc 2. NPC will check if player have the item ( ID 47003 ) to trigger the NPC, if player dont have the item nothing will happen 3. In which case player have the require item NPC will give random chance -50% gain stone ( ID 7049 ) -20% gain Cursed Ruby ( ID 724 ) -5% gain Gold ( ID 969 ) 4. Once player got an item from this NPC it will disappear 5. This NPC will auto spawn in the same map 6. Total spwan roughly around 80 ish with random location within the specific map 7. also in which case player get killed ( PvP ) all of his item which is the stone, cursed ruby and gold inside his/her inventory are all drop btw im using rAthena emulator, thanks for helping
  3. sir could you add GM menu so that GM can reset npc? like if GM lvl 99 goto GM menu? sorry i dont know how to add reset commands is this correct to add a another rent healer? prontera,155,181,5 script Healer#rent1 757,{ found error with GmOcean modifty script : [Warning]: Incorrect use of 'close' command! (source:Healer#rent / path:npc/basi cnpc/renthealer.txt)
  4. thanks for the fast reply i will check them now Question what if i want to make a duplicate of this npc but each npc has diffrents owners? for all town map and dungen?
  5. i like the 2nd neat, simple, clean and chibi !!!
  6. it looks neat, but not ro related i guess
  7. Hello guys i need some expert help with this script, it was provided by Emistry from rAthena as i request it from there, but i had bumped to error when testing here are the error details : script:set_reg: failed to set param 'Zeny' to -100. and here is a copy of the whole script : http://upaste.me/r/7216df
  8. ok so i got the thor online now but my notice.html is not showing and how can i send files like BGM etc? *update notice is working now just the start button is nt working
  9. and im not sure wich part that im failed at help pls...
  10. i cant make my thor patcher patch been following guides but still cant work it out,
  11. Dolphincute

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    Welcome to Hercules Community Thanks ! :D
  12. Hello guys i need help on build my thor patcher, i have try to setup using serval guide from rAthena and even youtube, so i miight be a dumb or nubblings, really wish if someone could help me with this please add me tru my skype thanks.. fogot to add my skype skype : [email protected]
  13. Dolphincute

    Hello !

    I just wana say hi, moved to hercules from rAthena
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