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  1. Hi.. I'm using 2018-04-04cRagexeRE.exe Using Asheraf lastest patch translation data Using KRO 21-04-2018 data. Get this ERROR Anyone know about this problem? when i skipped it, client will crash before reach login screen.
  2. Hi judas, read my PM please :D 

  3. Hi kamishi, are you have palette pack for Alternative Job ?? reply ASAP thank you
  4. I'm currently looking for a Designer to make a Poster to promote / event. My server is Full Renewal High Rate Server. And due to very new server, maybe i dont have fund to pay you with $ and i will change it for Item in Game / Cash Point . If you interest you can PM [email protected] or [email protected] and please send me your example design. We can discuss about costs via Email. If the price is affordable i can send you $ via paypal . Status : OPEN
  5. bug is : use custom map / duplicate map for instance . i have try use original script orcs memory and just change the map to duplicate map. and the result is CRASH . anyone know about it? how to make a custom instance use duplicate map no crash?? @aeromesi
  6. Add me on Skype. PS: https://www.twitch.tv/aeromesi for anyone who wants to watch me live when I'm making my scripts~ :3 you can also find me in Twitch if you search for Ragnarok Online streamers xD hello whats your skype sir? i will add XD
  7. Haziel do you make a 533 color kamishi pack for a new job sprite??
  8. Can you make a custom instance for 3ceam emulator script?
  9. r u serious ministrell and wanderer sprite have released ??
  10. yes i declare it, 2013-12-23. if i try use @warp no instance mode its normal but if i try warp use npc instance mode its crash.
  11. Hello sir, but i've try Original Instance (Orc Memory) its working fine, no crash/error , and my script instance its copy from it (just change map name + mob only)
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