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  1. Hi.. I'm using 2018-04-04cRagexeRE.exe Using Asheraf lastest patch translation data Using KRO 21-04-2018 data. Get this ERROR Anyone know about this problem? when i skipped it, client will crash before reach login screen.
  2. Hi judas, read my PM please :D 

  3. bug is : use custom map / duplicate map for instance . i have try use original script orcs memory and just change the map to duplicate map. and the result is CRASH . anyone know about it? how to make a custom instance use duplicate map no crash?? @aeromesi
  4. Add me on Skype. PS: https://www.twitch.tv/aeromesi for anyone who wants to watch me live when I'm making my scripts~ :3 you can also find me in Twitch if you search for Ragnarok Online streamers xD hello whats your skype sir? i will add XD
  5. Haziel do you make a 533 color kamishi pack for a new job sprite??
  6. Can you make a custom instance for 3ceam emulator script?
  7. r u serious ministrell and wanderer sprite have released ??
  8. yes i declare it, 2013-12-23. if i try use @warp no instance mode its normal but if i try warp use npc instance mode its crash.
  9. Hello sir, but i've try Original Instance (Orc Memory) its working fine, no crash/error , and my script instance its copy from it (just change map name + mob only)
  10. Hello 3ceam. anyone can help me? i have make a custom instance. i'm use basic orc memory instance dungeon and just change map + mobs , no change other script. https://github.com/3CeAM/3CeAM/blob/master/rewrite/npc/instances/OrcsMemory.txt i'm use a duplicate map [email protected] and [email protected] and named it [email protected] and [email protected] before i start the instance, i try @warp to [email protected] and [email protected] no error here. after that i try to start the instance. and 'Enter to the dungeon' and warped to [email protected] After loading screen my ragnarok is crash. and only crash if use npc to warp in instance mode. Anyone can help me, how to fix it and not make it crash??
  11. @rytech i mean, if the caster its in invicible mode. He can attack use storm blast. but enemy can't attack him because caster still in invicible mode (after we go portal, and change map, if we dont move, we on a invicible mode for a 5 second)
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