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  1. It0s because rAthena use dressroom(1); (or something like that, i don't remember exactly), in Hercules the correct syntax is dressroom(DRESSROOM_OPEN); You can use this script (change the NPC name JP_SUPIKA if you need it). Anyway you have also to modify jobdresseslist.lub in data\luafiles514\lua files\dressroom in your client, otherwise the dressroom didn't show all your styles! _DressHeadstyleList_f = { { "(1) Style 1", 1 }, { "(2) Style 2", 2 }, { "(3) Style 3", 3 }, { "(4) Style 4", 4 }, (...) add the number of your styles ANd the same under _DressHeadstyleList_m = { { "(1) Style 1", 1 }, { "(2) Style 2", 2 }, _DressBodyPaletteList_m = { is for male palette, f for female ecc ANyway, since i am too lazy to add manually Style 1, style 2 ecc i have write a small powershell script that will do for you in a txt file. When you need some other name you can change the script $defaultFileName = '.\santrevaporca.txt' For ($cnt=0; $cnt -le 99; $cnt++) { Add-Content $defaultFileName ('{ "(' + $cnt + ') Style ' + $cnt + '", ' + $cnt + ' },') # Add-Content $defaultFileName ($cnt) } Notepad santrevaporca.txt I'm hope that help stylist_1.6.txt lista numero progressivo.ps1
  2. Thanks, it worked! For some reason i was missing the .gat files in the list
  3. You mean resnametable.txt? rsw and gnd, no gat. I think i need the rsw, gat and gnd files to put in my grf...
  4. Hi, i have put map files in this server folder and rebuilded map cache. //----------------------------------------- // GRF Files // Add as many as needed. //----------------------------------------- //grf: C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO\rdata.grf //grf: C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO\data.grf //----------------------------------------- // Data Directory // Use the base folder, not the data\ path. //----------------------------------------- data_dir: /home/hypersonic2097/Documenti/Dreamflare grf: /home/hypersonic2097/Documenti/Dreamflare/dfdata.grf grf: /home/hypersonic2097/Documenti/Dreamflare/rdata.grf grf: /home/hypersonic2097/Documenti/Dreamflare/data.grf Everything work fine, except the maps pvp_y_1-5, pvp_y_2-5 ecc. This files is not found in my grfs. I have searched in data.grf and rdata.grf. I have tried to update the client. I have searched in some old client. Nothing. Lastly i have searched on this board, on athena board and google this files, nothing. Someone can share this files, please? Thanks!😂
  5. No no, i was believing the dressing room it was some sort of addon. To be honest, i I haven't played ragnarok anymore for a long time (since 2007/2008) and i have never seen a dressing room before now. Anyway, i have found the script command from myself and i have successfully modified the script. Thanks anyway for your precious help.🙄
  6. Hi i have seen a stylist script on a server... I have tried to search for this script but i can't find anything. There is somewhere a "visual stylist" like this? I don't think they have coded by herself because the server isn't english, and their scripts are in other language.
  7. Hi, i want to use a custom 3D object istead a NPC sprite. I guess this is possible because Emperium is a 3D model. I have searched, but i don't find almost nothing. There is a specifical guide for this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, how i change NPC icons on their heads? I have some of these icons in a places where they shouldn't be and i don't understand why! It's a client issue?
  9. Hi, someone can tell me actually what's is the valid range for custom npc in new hercules release? And max value for #define MAX_NPC_CLASS2_END in npc.h?
  10. Ok thanks! Oh, ok. I was using this https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE I have tried to search here, and i i have read this guide But here say to use this translation According to this thread Is too old for my exe What Client is compatible? - Client compatible until 2016. And i use 2018-05-23aRagexe.exe I can't find any translation updated to more modern exes here... I'm using kRO_FullClient_20200409 full updated. I am missing something?
  11. By default when i take a screenshot there is a rAthena watermark. How i can change it? Where is stored the watermark file? Thanks!
  12. Ok, Thanks! And.. I have understand why with 2018-05-23 doesen't work. I didn't enabled Disable Cheat Defender Game Guard. With the patch work fine even 2018-05-23.
  13. Ok after some trying seems to be connected to ragnarok.exe version... Before i was using 2018-05-23, now with 2015-05-13 seems to work fine. Anyway isn't too old? Someone can suggest me what exe version is more stable and updated? (I want to realize a renewal server, anyway) Thanks!
  14. Hi, i'm trying to run a ragnarok server, when i log in i can create a character and everything seems to work fine, but when i try to log in game i receive "failed to connect to server" in the game client. In the log nothing seem to be helpful... [email protected]:~/Hercules$ [Status]: Request for connection of HyperSonic2097 (ip: xxx). [Notice]: Authentication accepted (account: HyperSonic2097, id: 2000000, ip: xxx) [Status]: Connection of the account 'HyperSonic2097' accepted. [Info]: Closed connection from 'xxx'. [Info]: request connect - account_id:2000000/login_id1:297894579/login_id2:2133652373 [Info]: Loading Char Data (2000000) [Info]: Char load request (150015) [Info]: Loaded char (150015 - Hyper): status memo inventory cart skills friends hotkeys mercenary [Info]: Selected char: (Account 2000000: 0 - Hyper) [Info]: Subnet check []: WAN [Info]: 'Hyper' logged in. (AID/CID: '2000000/150015', IP: 'xxx', Group '99'). [Info]: storage load complete from DB - id: 2000000 (total: 0) [Info]: mail load complete from DB - id: 150015 (total: 0) [Status]: set users Dreamflare : 1 [Info]: Character 'Hyper' logged off. [Info]: Saved char 150015 - Hyper: status skills. [Status]: set users Dreamflare : 0 Any clue?
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