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  1. Hi everybody Does someone know a way to go to a label stored as a string and preserve Npc temp var. I know about *doevent and *donpcevent, but as they start a new instance of a npc, npc temp var ([email protected]), are reset when i hit the label. *goto preserve npc temp var but it can't be used with string like: goto "OnMyLabel" Thx in advance ^^
  2. You just forget to disable Renewal mechanics in src/config/renewal.h Just comment the line to disable it, recompile, and it will change your novice map to a correct one
  3. ^^ If you're trying to add addrid you should read this http://herc.ws/board/topic/3285-script-command-addrid/ And the cons about using such a command This kind of addrid was rejected from Hercules too. Because this can be dangerous. It can have unexpected behavior when the player is attached to other npc and you call addrid, either that script would stop executing(think doing some quest, the variables changed but you didn't got reward), or the script with addrid would behave oddly(rid not attached but script continued to run) More info: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/211
  4. You can use this *getunits(<type>, <variable>, <limit>, "<map>"{, <x1>, <y1>, <x2>, <y2>}) This function searches a whole map or area for units and adds their GID to the provided <variable> array. It filters units by <type> and stops searching after <limit> units have been found. Set <limit> to false (0) if you wish to disable the limit altogether. Type is the type of unit to search for: BL_PC - Character object BL_MOB - Monster object BL_PET - Pet object BL_HOM - Homunculus object BL_MER - Mercenary object BL_IEM - Item object (item drops) BL_SKILL - Skill object (skill fx & sfx) BL_NPC - NPC object BL_CHAT - Chat object BL_ELEM - Elemental object BL_CHAR - Shorthand for (BL_PC|BL_MOB|BL_HOM|BL_MER|BL_ELEM) BL_ALL - Any kind of object ** Do NOT use UNITTYPE_ constants here, they have different values. Example: [email protected] = getunits((BL_PC | BL_NPC), [email protected], false, "prontera"); The above example would search the map "prontera" for all PC and NPC units and add them to the [email protected] array, while setting [email protected] to the amount of units added to the array (useful in for() loops).
  5. Khazou

    @pk Plugin?

    Use the one from there: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/pk.c
  6. Maybe use an account variable instead of a player one
  7. Just change all the "close" at the end of all your label by "end". Close is use to close a conversation box, so it need a player attached. http://pastebin.com/fnG8UL7j Just keep the close from the OnMyMobDeath label since it has a "mes" command. Also, you shouldn't use a variable named such as $monster, that's too common, you may end having the same variable in an other script.
  8. Can i ask why ? Anyway, you need to add a timer on the function that spawn the tomb there is nothing more to say Note: You can also change your MvP to be "script spawned" and deal with the tomb in a customized way. But the source edit seems easier and faster
  9. Yup You can download every version from there: http://browedit.excalibur-nw.com/release/ If you want here is mine: https://mega.nz/#!7B1SmCQC!suqfj5ZLBc2Y-L2SEybgIaJMZ7e4tl6CuikzC6ZicPM
  10. Khazou


    Hello 1. You don't need to put a "-" 2. Your "/" sign is not at the right place From docs: bonus2 bHPLossRate,n,t; Lose n HP every t millisecond => I didn't understand what you were trying to do. If you want player to lose (50 * Job Lvl/10) HP every seconde it will be like this bonus2 bHPLossRate,50*(readparam(JobLevel)/10),1000;
  11. No problem By the way here is a little gift, give a try to this: http://pastebin.com/WLVXSjRe You'll need to change the constant to number if you didn't update your emulator yet NPC_NAME = 0 NPC_NAME_HIDDEN = 2 NPC_MAP = 4 PC_NAME = 0
  12. Well, did you test leveling up a ninja ? Because here everything seems ok. Ninja and extended class are included in the: "Base - Normal and Baby Jobs" If you want to check by yourself: <lvl_max>,<class_id>:<class_id>:<class_id>,<exp_required>,<exp_required> Ninja has the job id 25, you can find it at the beginning of your "Base - Normal and Baby Jobs" line
  13. Well i personally use to have a single Browedit folder with browedit586.exe and browedit620.exe, that way you don't need to maintain 2 folders updated with your custom models If your browedit can't load your model, yeah, it will crash
  14. You just need to write your npc as a normal npc, then you disable it with *disablenpc, and you can enable it with *enablenpc You can also look for Dastgir duplicate-npc plugins
  15. Daaaaaamn, never tough about spawning tomb npc xD Don't know why ^^' So yeah you can do this, i checked in src and it appears that you can use MOB_TOMB as sprite id for your npc So you can build and customize your own tomb
  16. Did you also add your texture to be loaded by Browedit and reload your texture config file ?
  17. Well since this option "ignore palette", it just ignore palette :3
  18. It should be the same, 620 is used to build your whole map whereas 586 is use to save maps you've created with 620 because 620 doesn't save them right, you can have some models that disappears in game. So: 620: Build your maps, save it 586: Open your 620 maps, save it
  19. You should update your emulator, if using constant like NPC_MAP throw a "no character is attached" it may be because they are not defined (because you don't have an updated version of the emulator ) and so it tries to get a player variable with the name NPC_MAP (and so it throw an error). You can't have a tomb with a monster spawn with the *monster command, because of they way its coded in the emulator. You need to make a permanent monster spawn using boss_monster, unless you specify this boss_monster, you won't have your tomb. I looked to see if you could spawn it with a permanent monster spawn, but here the problem would be to spawn a "Bloody Dead Branch" mob since you can't put a "-3" id for a permanent monster spawn.
  20. You should go back to NPC_MAP and NPC_NAME_UNIQUE, this is recommended way of scripting. Your error is just because of your main npc, the one which is duplicate. He also hit the OnInit label, so as you didn't set a map for this one you're getting your error Just put something like this: if(strnpcinfo(NPC_MAP) == "") end; Just after the OnInit label.
  21. You just forget to put some " --ja--, is suppose to be a string, here you're trying to access the --ja-- player variable. That's why it throw you a "no player is attached" Juste change --ja-- to "--ja--" and it will be ok
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