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  1. That is the command I have been using to check. I went ahead and made a copy of my db folder and just deleted the old one when I was finished and replaced it. The new drops are working now and adding in new things worked three times in a row so I found a solution to my problem! @Dast Thank you for letting me know that @reloadmobdb works!!!!!
  2. my drop chances are fine for items, I'm having issues modifying the database to add custom drops. Some items wont register or update.
  3. Having an issue with some custom drops that don't seem to be registering for example "Hyukes Black Cat Ears","Chick Hat" and many other custom drops I have set to drop off a monster at very low chance. however it does not seem to matter how many times I save and recompile. The server does not seem to want to read the mob_db/item_db changes I have made. Some items get added perfectly fine. for example I have ifrit ears dropping off ifrit and when I do a @mobinfo on him the item is infact there. I checked many more items but it seems a few items just cant be added to the drop tables. I am using SDE to do my DB edits, and am set to pre-renewal. What determines if a monster can drop an item? Also an extra question if thats okay, does @reloadmobdb/@reloaditemdb effectively let me test to see if its working without recompile or does the server have to be recompiled to see changes made to the drops.
  4. Close topic problem solved!
  5. Alright I'll keep that in mind, I didn't think about the encoding I'm going to play around with some of the tools to see if there is something that will work for me. Off to learn Flux Control panel! Take care guys!
  6. This solved the issue but I still don't understand what I did wrong, Is my GRF just not packing the files correctly? Do you use "GRF Editor?" I appreciate you helping me!
  7. Yeah its an .ini file extension I just didn't open it up in Notepad++ that part is working fine I wouldn't be able to connect to my server if it was not reading the clientinfo the grf. It seems to read the GRF just not textures folder in the GRF I'm starting to wonder if I should try a different Packet. Edit: Could you possibly upload an example GRF I can just add my Clientinfo and see if it works I'm just curious if my GRF packer may be currupt or something.
  8. Following instructions from your guide now made a GRF comprised of the Translated Data folder found at http://herc.ws/board/topic/398-client-translation-project/ Next I copied over the font from and Towninfo.lub and iteminfo.lua over to the system folder made sure to match the grf and set it to =1 and the Result I'm at a loss of what to do, even following your instructions precisely my problem has not changed.
  9. Woah My bad I typo'd I made a new grf it actually reads [Data] 1=bdata.grf 2=data.grf Sorry about that and bdata.grf contained the translated files was I suppose to pack them into data.grf?
  10. Is this what my GRF is suppose to look like? as for data.ini mine reads like this [Data] 1=bro.grf 2=Bdata.grf Also I use GRF Editor to pack my GRF.
  11. It seems to be the buttons, Switching my GRF order for my data.ini does not appear to have much effect on the client aside from not allowing me to login. I used everything the master translation patch had to offer. Rebuilding the GRF with fresh copy of files didn't fix anything and using the 2013-8-7 msgstringtable didn't change much but the context of a few words. Do you happen to know which files in the translation folder are the buttons and if I was suppose to Diff something for them to read correctly. Or maybe they need to be lua and are still lub? I'm not entirely sure on what the difference between the two are. Edit: Thank you for the quick response by the way, it's been a long night.
  12. After hours of learning how to setup stuff I have a server fully functional and still have to work on setting up Flux CP but the best part is having a working RO Client with a few floor texture issues. Now for the topic at hand, after applying Michis Translation files I'm running into a half translated client and I'm not sure whats missing. I have the server setup for Pre-renewal under PACKETVER 20130807 Diffed with Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo.lub http://puu.sh/hFKsl/54a886d6ac.jpg Anyone have any idea what I did wrong I have been fiddling with it for a few hours with no luck in fixing it, I feel like I may have built the client completely wrong.
  13. Thank you for mentioning that Milk, upon checking I found why my connection keeps getting refused on the port. even on a DMZ This may be on my ISP's end or Avast Secruity is causing conflict. The only other error I'm getting upon connecting to my server over local lan is an SQL DB error that occurs after creating a character. I think the problem lies with me having a very old version of mySQL.
  14. Strange, I know for sure the client wont read my GRF I wonder what I'm doing wrong? I used a premade package with my own clientinfo set to my wan IP instead of Lan IP. I Re-diffed a new client and found that read data folder was not checked. So I tried it in reverse and I actually got a error on my console now. So this to me is a good sign. It now connects past login but when you try to proceed to Character Select I'm prompted with failed to connect. The console Reads [info]: Closed connection from ''. I can only really assume it has something to do with my packet. but I double checked they match. Is there a way to tell what my Version number is suppose to be set to on clientinfo.xml. Edit: Oh I left some information out, I'm under a static IP
  15. Having issues with setting up a client for 2013-08-14, I get failed to connect to server and even the server console wont output anything, I'll try to give as much information as possible. I'm sure the problem is really simple and i may be overlooking it. My Clientinfo.xml Heres my server console I diffed the client with only with the recommended settings. Packet defined. The only other thing I can think of Is that I didnt config my Char/map server correctly but I'm almost sure I did or else my Console wouldn't suggest the server is online. I'm not connecting to localhost. The only thing that strikes me odd is the fact the login screen has an ID/password Prompt I thought 2013 clients is where they dropped support for it? I tried logging in with loki or Rolex but still no output to the server console. I'm new to Hercules and RO server emulation in general so I'm not even sure if I entirely did this correctly. I followed instructions based on the wiki.