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  1. do you have src code of this can be use on rathena?
  2. hello pm me we need paid script
  3. @ZelosAvalon do you mind to share the PSD of this ?
  4. how about display the barricade monster? EDITED BARRICADE is not working rathena i change to id # fixed thanks for this
  5. That message happens when you have 100 items in inventory.You can change the MAX_INVENTORY setting, but client won't support it... It's anyhow common among players to have some free slots in inventory while opening boxes how about can still open even you have 100 items the items from obb/opb/gift will be drop on the floor like aeis setting on eathena
  6. even i have 100+ inventory ican open gift box or obb but the items will be drop on the floor bcuz my inventory is full sample i have all dyeatuff in my inventory i will get all dyetuff from obb or gift other loots on the floor
  7. no i want even my inventory full i can open it and the itema will be automatic drop on the ground
  8. Max Level : 1 Type : Active Target : Player/Emperium Effect : Swaps location with target unit.
  9. Go to skill_check_condition_castend at skill.c and look for case AM_CANNIBALIZE: Below that you will see maxcount = 6-skill_lv; change it to maxcount = 2; save and recompile. can you check my Private Msg to you sir?
  10. can you help me? I've never done a new custom skill, just edited existing ones so I don't know the preliminar steps. Also you need to be more specific. Check for a tutorial in how to add a new custom skill. How i can make it Per Summon 2 Monster by Level ?