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  1. try: DiskSpanning=True DiskSliceSize=1566000000 SlicesPerDisk=3
  2. Developing something new. :3

    1. Mystery
    2. aetech


      A system that can help to manage a RO Server

  3. yes, pwedeng pwede. Tama sinabi ni Naori. Paliwanag ko lang : Kung ang rAmod ay sumusupport sa mySQL Database tapos ang hercules naman sumusupport sa ibang database (ex. MS-SQL Server 2008). Yun ang hindi pwede. Hangga't parehas silang nakasupport sa mySQL Database, pwede mo i-transfer yan. Since, ang hercules, ay nakasupport sa mySQL Database, pede mo i-transfer ang database mo na galing sa rAmod na ginagamit mo.
  4. I was conscious about non-proprietary databases(one of this db is the mySQL), So, I have a question regarding this, Is there any possible that I can use the proprietary database (such as MS-SQL SERVER) for the RO-SVN?.