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  1. With over 17 years of RO experience, with a dozen of those being at the helm of Private Server's development teams over the years, I decided based on the good reviews of a previously run server, that I would adventure into the world of RO private server creation yet again. I am driven. I know what I want, but cannot necessarily always manifest my thoughts into code. Between fighting against what escapes my realm of expertise, source coding, web design, plugins, client patches, etc, I still find many other avenues that I do actively pursue. Custom monsters, maps, quests, npc dialogue options, skill trees, graphic design, innovative customs, etc. What I'm looking for is particularly vague, but I can assure you that financial compensation is always the reward for hard work. www.plv.gg/discord I'm always active here. Whether you have unique resources, cool features, are actively friendly towards creativity, or could always use another place to discuss limit-testing and theory crafting of RO development, then you should check us out! I'm only one person haha.
  2. Bump. The item (Angeling Hat) goes way past 100%, upwards of 1000%, and will never evolve into the Ulle's Cap, Am I doing something wrong? Is it a bug? I would appreciate it if someone could look at this and figure it out because this seems like a really fun system!
  3. Ah! I see! Thank you so much! Noticed that Shadow Garments need HD Bradium to be refined, as well it not producing the same 'failure and derefinement' aspects of your typical HD Carnium/Bradium refiner. Any way that can also be implemented into this script? downrefitem [email protected]; next; emotion e_omg; mes "[Blacksmith Mighty Hammer]"; mes "Oops!!"; next; mes "[Blacksmith Mighty Hammer]"; mes "I am sure a person like you would never blame me for a decrease in refine level by 1. Hmm."; close;
  4. Can you confirm if this works? Tried to add it in, with and without editing and it doesn't seem to want to appear.
  5. Simply put: 1) A refiner NPC script which uses HD Carnium/Bradium to refine Shadow Equipment and Costume Headgear from +10~20. Bonus: For it also to be able to use HD Elunium for safe +7~10 refines, it would be very much appreciated but not necessary. -- If an HD Carnium refiner which takes Shadow Equipment already exists, let me know. As to the best of my knowledge it doesn't.
  6. ^This. >inb4 make losing prize a jellopy.
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