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  1. So i was gonna re-make my custom class with a newer client and NEMO's Enable Custom Job patch. Stuffs that i did: - Downloaded latest NEMO on git - Hexed a 2013-08-07a client - Copy and pasted the necessary files inside NEMO/Support folder to my data folder And everytime i try inputting my login details and hit enter on the login screen, it just crashes afterwards (Gravity Error). No errors on map/char servers as well. I've also tried this on 2013-12-23 client and same thing is happening Anyone knows how to fix this issue? P.S I've also looked on to NEMO's issues on git also used google and i found nothing that relates to my problem.
  2. This is a good idea, with just small modifications like making it 100% chance. I'll be trying this one, Thank you! EDIT: Ah nah, i don't think that's gonna work well since it won't auto-cast if I'm gonna use a skill. And by the way it's some sort of a buff skill not an attack skill XD
  3. Thanks for the replies but i made it much more simple tho the only problem is i dunno how to make it as a passive skill. So what i did is: battle.c if (sc){ if(sc->data[SC_CUSTOMSKILL] ) { int range = distance_bl(src, target); int skilllv = sc->data[SC_CUSTOMSKILL]->val1; if(range == 1){ ATK_ADDRATE(skilllv * 10); } } } So it clearly states when you're 1 cell apart from your enemy, you'll get additional bonus of custom skill level * 10 damage.
  4. You mean it's not compatible in hercules?
  5. An old NPC from eAthena http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=246599
  6. EDIT: Nvm, solved already.
  7. Thanks for the reply, but i don't understand this formula: int k = (flag-1)/3;
  8. Hey thank you very much for the reply, i'll see that!
  9. Job level 100? I'm asking for skill points You're asking how many skill points, yes? That's why I'm saying the total skill points you get from Job Level 100 is enough [ From Novice to 2nd transcend class ] EDIT: Unless you're making some skill point limiter stuff NPC wherein you get additional skill points with just Job Level 70. then a total of 149 is enough or rather you've done some horrible stuff wherein your job level doesn't give skill points i dunno
  10. Well I'm actually trying to make a passive skill wherein your damage increases as you go near your target, so I'm asking if there's already an existing function of it so i could have some reference to use. EDIT: If there's none then I'll try making my own.
  11. I guess job level 100 is enough if it's 254 / 255.
  12. Hello, i would like to ask if there's a function where your damage / skill damage will be depending on your distance with the target? Thank you!
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