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  1. Só queria saber como ele seleciona apenas metade do texto :/
  2. I applied all the updates, it happens that I used another emulator, and decided to migrate pro Hercules, but do not want to lose my database ...
  3. Hello, updated my hercules emulator, just normal, but when I enter the server, it gets the armor but when I open the alt + q has nothing, and is giving this error.
  4. Hi, on my server when the Nydhogg begins the castar healing, no matter what I do theskill will continue carrying the normal would be that when he castasse and I hitassebroke the cast. A solution to this?
  5. I will try, any problem post here, thanks. @Edit I'm not getting, this tutorial is very difficult, because it does not use phpMyAdmin and others, which to me I'm beginner's complicadi
  6. Hi, I'm new in the area, I ended up purchasing VPS CentOS 5 32 bit to run a server of ragnarok, anyway, I would like to know how to set up to leave my server online, thanks.
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