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  1. What is RagnaPlace? RagnaPlace started just a simple database of the brazilian version of Ragnarök, today besides being the most complete and faithful database from the game, besides other tools and server options, it is available in the Portuguese and English languages with the bRO servers, iRO Renewal and iRO Classic (and more servers comming soon) The differential of other databases, in addition to the tools available such as the skill simulator, database cards, build system, compare items among other servers and functions such as npcs localization on maps etc; each database is totally separate from the others, that is to say that a monster that drops a card in bRO, and in iRO not, will be displayed different information for each of them, thus showing the rates of the official servers The build system, it is possible to build with attributes, skills (using the simulator) and items, so you can also send and share with anyone you want, separated on each server, bRO already has 347 builds since its launch https://ragnaplace.com/ (if you find something wrong, or some suggestion send us here: https://ragnaplace.com/contact ) o/
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