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  1. Sir pwede pa help lang pano mag add ng thief skills sa knight skill branch? oks na po yung sa may lua file nalang problema di ko alam pano ko ipapatch in sa GRF

  2. Shatowolf

    Thor Patcher

    pm me i can teamview u how to patch easy as pie.
  3. offline server muna then setup client. then paglaruan nyo lang mga npc ssearch lang sa forum. almost 80% ng mga tanong mo nasagot na dito. good luck!
  4. Thanks @AnnieRuru will test it.
  5. post mo lang dto. if my problema ka.
  6. anyone know the zip password?
  7. 1 : yes pure KRO much better. 2. 2012 for me.
  8. just stay away---> hosting offer RO support. go to digital ocean or buyvm.
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