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  1. how to change a reward to attendance system be on account and not per character?
  2. Quest ALT + U does not update when I kill or monster, only when I reload, and appears or errors below:
  3. How do I make a skill run a script? Tried through the plugin: https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/plugins/OnPCUseSkillEvent/OnPCUseSkillEvent_1.5.c But I was unsuccessful, does anyone know the formula for doing this at src?
  4. https://paste2.org/UzFVUFN0 Hello guys, this script is not showing the item in the preview window, what is in the head just does not appear, can anyone help me?
  5. I changed the ID of an item to 28000 and it worked normally, client I use is 2014-10-22, problem of changing the ID of all is that there are more than 500 items. @EDIT Sorry guys, was using Sprite: as opposed to Vision: now it worked normally
  6. Yes, I used the same client on another emulator and it worked normally.
  7. Strange, mine is the same and yet it doesn't work.
  8. I use herc, but this solution you sent to rathena, I tested here on current herc and it didn't work.
  9. Hello guys, I have an item base from another instruction set to save the converter, however, I have to set the number from 40000 to 45000, how to set the emulator to read this ID number?
  10. Of course I want, I will be very grateful, I sent you via message (pm).
  11. yes, but I was wondering if you have any updated programs or websites to do this.
  12. Hi, I'm migrating an item_db from rathena to herc, but I'm having trouble converting. I'm using: https://haru.ws/hercules/itemdbconverter/ because already with errors in several items, does anyone know a way to convert to the most updated emulator? thank you.
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