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  1. Mumbles are you still doing scripts? can i ask for your skyppe please PM ME.

  2. Mumbles

    AFK Homunculus

    Here's an updated version without global variables and a simplified flow: - script vaporize -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: // Set AFK check on login addtimer 60000, strnpcinfo(0) + "::On1min"; end; On1min: // Check if player has Homunculus and if AFK longer than allowed if(gethominfo(2) != "null" && checkidle() >= .vaporize) { atcommand "@useskill 244 1 " + strcharinfo(0); dispbottom "You are not allowed to farm with Homunculus while AFK."; } // Reset AFK check addtimer 60000, strnpcinfo(0) + "::On1min"; end; OnInit: // Time (in seconds) before vaporizing .vaporize = 120; end; }
  3. This code might be deprecated. If it does still work, it should overwrite the existing functionality of @go. When this was written, you did not need to make any src changes, as bindatcmd binded @go to the specified label within the script.
  4. In previous versions (not sure if still possible), you could pre-load a script in npc/scripts_custom.conf and it could potentially affect the next script in line if it wasn't closed properly. Example: npc: npc/custom/npc1.txtnpc: npc/custom/npc2.txt If npc/custom/npc1.txt was missing a right curly at the end of the file, it would still load, but the next file in line (in this example, npc/custom/npc2.txt) would throw an error at line 1. Just throwing that idea out there; it very well might not be the solution to your problem, but there's nothing wrong with making sure all of your custom scripts have no errors. d:
  5. What's the file above it, in npc/vroevents/ ? Might be missing a right curly at the end of that file.
  6. Or you could just not @reloadscript lol But anyway, here you go:
  7. You're over-thinking your implementation. On a smaller scale, you could write something like: - script summon_mvp -1,{ OnInit: monster "prt_fild08", 0, 0, "Baphomet", BAPHOMET, 1, strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnKilledBapho"; end; OnKilledBapho: announce strcharinfo(0) +" has killed "+ getmonsterinfo(BAPHOMET, MOB_NAME) +"!", bc_all; end;} ...but since you've already specified a very particular event (OnKilledBapho) for your Baphomet mob, you don't really need to pull the RID to display the name, nor do you even need to use getmonsterinfo(). Since you told the script to run OnKilledBapho when the event Baphomet is killed, you could just simply write your announcement like this: announce strcharinfo(0) +" has killed Baphomet!", bc_all; If you were randomizing MVP summons, however, you could do something like this: - script summon_mvp -1,{ OnInit: // Set MVP IDs setarray .mvp_id[0], BAPHOMET, GOLDEN_BUG, KNIGHT_OF_WINDSTORM, GARM, ORK_HERO; OnSetID: // Randomly select MVP to summon .summon_id = .mvp_id[rand(getarraysize(.mvp_id))]; // Summon Random MVP monster "prt_fild08", 0, 0, getmonsterinfo(.summon_id, MOB_NAME), .summon_id, 1, strnpcinfo(0) +"::OnKilledMVP"; end; OnKilledMVP: // Announce MVP death announce strcharinfo(0) +" has killed "+ getmonsterinfo(.summon_id, MOB_NAME) +"!", bc_all; // Respawn new MVP donpcevent strnpcinfo(3) +"::OnSetID"; end; }
  8. So the documentation for nowarpto is correct, then; lost track of what the original issue was for a sec lol. In your last reply, you mentioned replacing mf_nowarp with mf_nowarpto: } else if (getgroupid() < getarg(4) || getmapflag(getarg(0), mf_nowarp)) { However, the intent of this line is to prevent warping if the player's Group ID isn't high enough OR if the destination has a nowarp flag, regardless of Group ID. You can bypass this for GMs by changing the expression a little (I'm sure there's a prettier way to do it, but I'm not feeling up to it): } else if (getgroupid() < getarg(4) || getmapflag(getarg(0), mf_nowarp) && getgroupid() < getarg(4)) { In regard to your original inquiry, the behaviour of nowarp is to prevent the use of @go to a destination; to prevent the use of @go from a map flagged with nowarp (despite this not being the intent of the nowarp flag), you can still prevent warping by adding an expression similar to my original suggestion: } else if (getmapflag(strcharinfo(3), mf_nowarp)) { message strcharinfo(0), "You are not authorised to warp from this map."; If you would like to prevent warping from specific maps, I would recommend moving forward with the filter/blacklist route — hell, you could even prevent both nowarp-flagged and specific maps from being warped to if you wanted to.
  9. Can you please confirm (via in-game test) that nowarpto prevents this version of @go from warping to a map flagged with nowarpto, and that nowarp prevents warping from a map flagged with nowarp? I am unable to test any in-game behaviours at this time.
  10. You could probably do without getmapxy() since the script is attached to a player when run; strcharinfo(3) will return the attached player's map name. I'd say you were correct in changing mf_nowarp to mf_nowarpto, should the function of nowarpto be that players cannot warp to the map (duh; though sometimes the documentation isn't tell-all). Someone should really update the documentation for both mapflags, as they are either lacking in information or documented incorrectly. /swt