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  1. IIRC Item stat enchants basically add a "card item" into the 4th slot (which enchantable items doesn't have for cards), and that item looks like an sphere. It is an item, you can find it on item db (look for Int_3 or something like that). You can probably change the sprite if you want, just like you do for any other item. But in this case it looks more like yourdata. grf is out of date... does other enchants work fine? I may be wrong, but this is what I remember... ItemInfo.lua and .lub are "the same" (actually .lub would be the "compiled" version of .lua, but a lot of time we use it in plaintext)
  2. I didn't understand your question :x
  3. Hmm yes, I think you should duplicate original card act and rename to taogunka.act. You need to get it from official data.grf, it is probably at: data/sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/À̸§¾ø´ÂÄ«µå.act
  4. It should be exactly like adding any item. You have to put the .spr file in the sprite directory as you did and also the item and collection bmp in texture folder. Iirc they are: texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item/<item name>.bmp --> the sprite that appears in yor inventory texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/collection/<item name>.bmp --> the image that appears when you right click
  5. KirieZ


    Hercules has this functionality built-in since some time ago (check unittalk).
  6. As the message says, did you compile Hercules?
  7. Did you try disabling this plugin? Iirc there were some updates to storage recently. Try disabling it locally and check if the issue persists
  8. I guess you should give us more info, like: What is your Herc hash? do you have plugins? do you have source changes?
  9. @fiction I finally got to my pc and could test it... The only issue I found is that when I run mapcache plugin it shows the error that it haven't found the group, but mapcache plugin kills map-server after adding the map. After the map is added and I properly start the server (this time without map-cache plugin), I don't get any errors and the drops does work. Tried on both pre-re and re. Is this the issue you found? I've copy pasted your example and it also works (diff attached). Edit: It probably doesn't matter but in my test I've used this "vip" map: random_opt_drop_groups.diff
  10. Sorry for the delayed answer, I can't use a computer at moment. This last post syntax does seem to be right. You can try removing the comma after the group block, but I don't think this is the cause... I will check once I can use my PC.
  11. If I recall correctly emperium does have some special behavior for WoE (I don't recall if this behavior is activated by some woe mapflag or by gvg map flag), did you try with other mobs? And I think there are something gvg (or woe) related that hides your real damage (e.g. display 1 to client while actually causing real damage -- I think there is a battle conf for that). One way to test would be to try on a poring or some other weak monster and check if you'll kill it in one hit.
  12. As of Release v2019.05.05 you can now create groups of random options that may be assigned to items dropped by monsters. In order to use it you must first create an Option drop group in db/option_drop_groups.conf, one group will set how each option slot is filled, the chance of it getting filled, etc. Each group has the following structure: <Group Name Constant>: ( { // Option Slot 1 Rate: (int) chance of filling option slot 1 (100 = 1%) // Possible options for slot 1 // min/max value : int, defaults to 0 // chance : int, 100 = 1% if not set, will be 100%/number of possibiltiies OptionName: value // or OptionName: [min value, max value] // or OptionName: [min value, max value, chance] // ... (as many as you want) }, // ... (up to MAX_ITEM_OPTION) ), Details about this file may be found on Hercules' docs (doc/ This is an example group called MYGROUP: MYGROUP: ( { /* Option Slot 1 */ Rate: 10000 /* It has 100% of chance of being filled */ /* This slot may have one of the following options: */ WEAPON_ATTR_WIND: 5 /* WEAPON_ATTR_WIND Lv5 (33.33%) */ WEAPON_ATTR_GROUND: [2, 4] /* WEAPON_ATTR_GROUND Lv 2~4 (33.33%) */ WEAPON_ATTR_POISON: [1, 4, 8000] /* WEAPON_ATTR_POISON Lv 1~4 (80%) */ }, { /* Option Slot 2 */ Rate: 5000 /* It has 50% of chance of being filled */ /* If filled, may have one of the following options: */ WEAPON_ATTR_WATER: 4 /* WEAPON_ATTR_WATER Lv4 (100%) */ } ) Once a group is defined, you can them assign it to monster drops in mob database by using a new syntax that works for both Drops and MvpDrops: AegisName: (chance, "GROUP_NAME") This will set that the item AegisName has chance chance of drop (like we already know from the format already in use), and, when dropped it will get random options as specified by the group GROUP_NAME. For example: Knife: (5000, "MYGROUP") Will make "Knife" be dropped with a chance of 50%, and when dropped it will get options as defined by MYGROUP option group, in other words, the first slot will be filled with Wind, Ground or Poison option, and the second slot may or may not be filled with Water option. This feature should work on any client that supports item random options.
  13. Hmm I think you can't get the hash when you download the zip, but I'll assume it was the latest stable. Did you set ips for map/char server on their conf files? Try letting ips commented out or change then to for testing. It looks like your map-server is not able to reach char-server in this ip.
  14. What is your client date and hercules hash? When this problem shows up? (e.g. upon server start, player login) It looks like one of the other servers crashed, I'm assuming it was map-server.. is there any message on it? 0x2B0A seems to be related to server sync, have you tried to clean/rebuild all servers?
  15. Great to see these new features! Also the dark theme is looking nice, I'll probably stick to it from now on