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  1. @Eternity Hi I haven't tried it yet, I'm using the same client. I thought that method is applicable in all types of client.
  2. How about using this method Unidentified items goes to eventnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt , eventnum2itemdesctable.txt , eventnum2itemresnametable.txt Identified items: eventidnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt , eventidnum2itemdesctable.txt , eventidnum2itemresnametable.txt then simply encrypt the custom data.grf
  3. Could be sprite error, because after logging in, the error occurs. Prior logging in, I tried to spawn the custom monster then suddenly my client logged off automatically.
  4. Modified the following: *Client side -which folder should I place these files? I have (luafiles) and (luafiles514) -jobname.lub -npcidentity.lub *Sprite -added my custom mob @ /npc *database -constants.conf -pre-re/mob_db.conf My custom mob id is 2998 I notice that there are some difficulties when doing it with the latest hercules. Are there any additional file that I need to touch?
  5. Copying the database doesn't mean the sprites will show as well. You need to take them from it's source file. Make sure that your preferred renewal item is in your custom grf and they should be all present in their respective folders. Please read this to further resolve your problem: https://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Items
  6. What bonuses? You mean a list or database that gives effect to the items? Or this one? :https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/doc/item_bonus.txt
  7. Update your char_ip, login_ip and map_ip to: "your no-ip" replace Set your xml tile address to: "your no-ip" Allow: your no-ip: via network conf. Try checking port forwarding as well for incoming connections
  8. Knowing you followed the instructions, can you provide your host name? -- <<address>hostname</address> <--- I'm assuming you no longer use, it should be your hostname.
  9. I'm no expert yet about this matter but try this: Check your IP, it's changing, you have to update your clientinfo.xml time to time. If you want try using this software from: noip.com > Download DUC 4.1.1 > Create your own host > This software will allow you to use a temporary dns so that you can replace the info below: -- <<address></address> *Note update your host name or info every 30 days, since you're using a trial version.
  10. Need some guide here: Thank you. Whooops, Please consider this topic closed or resolved I just found the solution: Uncomment: //"HPMHooking", Sorry Admin, Mods
  11. Does embedding an .ini file still requires you to show your .ini in your ro folder? Or it is hidden, since it is already embedded during the process. >Means that no one can Identify your .ini lineup like: 0=main.grf 1=data.grf 2=rdata.grf Please let me know if I'm correct about this feature. Thank you.
  12. @Garr I was looking for this topic about a tool where you can increase monster size/sprite only? Is it true or I misunderstand the feature of the tool. I think this is the only way for me to do that.
  13. Thank you Ridley, The answer is: import logs.sql to your main ro database not to other database like before.
  14. Well at least you gave me some idea, no problem man. Thank you.
  15. @Legend yes, I did import the logs.sql to my "log" database. or should I import it to my main database which is "ragnarok" where the main.sql is loaded.
  16. Where are these small icon buttons located in GRF? I tried searching in my data.grf and I failed to do so 0,0 For the location of the npc in my mini map: { name = [=[Kafra]=], X = 154, Y = 187, TYPE = 4, }, How can I add my own TYPE of npc? there's only 0-6 types? Thank you!
  17. Aurora, thank you for your time I finally figured it out, I'm doing the wrong encryption process! Thank you for giving me that hint did you generate files and put it in your ro folder?
  18. Yes that's what I'm going to do. Thank you once again for this wonderful npc. Looking forward to your other releases
  19. By default it is enabled, unless you use a diffed exe and it was being disabled by that person. It's: Disable Packet Encryption below Disable Nagle Algorithm.
  20. Bump, I've been experiencing this issue as well. I've tried changing to: db_username: "root" db_password: "ragnarok" db_database: "log" <----- from ragnarok Still no luck, I've got those guide from rathena however, that trick isn't working for me. Here:
  21. Garr thanks a lot for this info, But I'm aware that 2 is the maximum size that we can declare, is there a way for me to spawn any monster bigger than (2) via src editing? >or make a bigger sprite of that monster that I wish to enlarge?
  22. Is there a source file/code where I can increase the monster's size? Options? >Bigger than monster size: 2 (big) >aside from creating my own huge sprite of that monster >src location? Thank you!
  23. I'm sorry as well Cretino if I didn't highlight my concern. Yes you got my point, I was looking for those variables. Then your suggestion is put the npc first in my "main/dedicated server" and make the actual quest requirements there. Nice NPC by the way, keep it up!
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