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  1. XPRO v3.0 release Biggest update since the first release. XPRO v3.0 is out! It contains a lot of interesting features, you can check new landing webpage for it here where features are described with nice animated gifs : https://intro.vykimo.com And as a demo : A small video of new version of XPRO, the famous v3 ! Here you can see : XPRO starting XPRO UI language switch Input the server name you want to play Loading server informations Notification pop-up when patcher updates client Video Background for Login page Trying to login You can clean cache and switch on/off video sound Go back in main page You can start previous server or switch to another one!
  2. Thank you @Ridley ! And a cool preview on my iPad (Ragnarok is working on iOS, finally guys!!)
  3. For those who ask some demo/playthrough to see it live or the difference between AndRO and so on.. Here is a playthrough on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android) : And since 03/01/2020 * iOS version is available ! For the first time ever, you'll be able to play Ragnarok on iPhone and iPad !
  4. BETA TEST : I made 3 days of "real condition" tests with a team of 3 advanced players. It was successfull, feedbacks were great and they only reported a few bugs in order to play "normally" on a RO server. What a good step ! In parallel, I talked with @Functor about possible Gepard Shield support in XPRO. But as you probably know, including Gepard Shield into Robrowser/AndRO opens a door in your server for bots. And we don't want to break his shield, so I'll work on my own encryption method. It'll be available later on... Infos will come asap, stay tuned
  5. Yes it is in the gif. It's only a single auto attack. It is not a mode you can switch on. It's a kind of auto select nearest monster only.
  6. Mobile UIAnother interesting update, the mobile UI.I imagined by myself a new way to play Ragnarok Online on a mobile device.I created a joystick on the left side in order to move your character easily. On the right side, I added skills in shortcuts in a rotating circle with size increased and an auto-attack feature.Here are the gestures presented in the gif: Move : Joystick on the left Sit down/stand up : Simple click on joystick Shortcuts : 4 Rotating circles with your shortcut bars content Auto-attack : Click on swords in order to attack or cast skill on the nearest opponent Context menu : Long tap on player It increase experience on smartphone and prepare for long games on it.
  7. Touch-motions supportedVery usefull update, I started to interest myself to mobile specific features.Now, Android is officially supported and here are described touch motions I implemented to navigate in game.I tried to be as intuitive as possible, inspired by Google Map gestures : Zoom : Spread fingers Perspective : Go up/down fingers Rotation : Inverted fingers Reset : Double tap It gives an immersive experience and prepare future updates for mobile client version.
  8. @Aeromesi The trailer is really so nice ! Good job bro
  9. Yes that's it. I recreate effects from my client IG (not decompiled version). For example, heal is only a flat texture applied on a cylinder with opacity and animation... So I work hard on trying to imitate official content with code. (Btw if someone knows well which ressource is associated to which hardcoded effect, it'd help me). For rathena forum, they deleted my topic because of the crowdfunding part.
  10. Thank you for the precision, I'll implement it when I'll start working on Achievement system !
  11. Today, 2 updates : Indoor view and cursor updateAs you can see on the screen, indoor modified view is now available.It makes the browser game looks like more again like the official one!Too, the cursor "not allowed" is available on non-walkable cells. QuestLogHuge update is related to new quest log system. The idea to develop it was given by @rapalooza on discord.I discovered than the old quest log UI was replaced by this light version. I like this version too, and it is now available on ZeRObrowser!Features like mob counting on the head and short description on the top right of the screen are here too.With it, I think playing on the browser for quest farming takes a strong importance now... Source: https://vykimo.com/zerobrowser
  12. Cool idea. Unfortunately I think it has no better solution than 100 cutin image... An idea to optimize it is to pass all your images in a bmp compressor. And another idea is to delete 1 image every 2 images (or more) : you will divide required images per 2 but you'll loose precision. However, I think a 1% precision isn't required.
  13. vykimo


    Yes in fact rochargenphp uses the same principle as you, isn't it?
  14. Thank you for your message. For now the development is paused, but if you could give me the list of things that are most important in the todolist in order to prioritize tasks. I could speed up progress
  15. Map infosUpdate is related to map infos. Recently pushed by Gravity, a system that allow you to see on minimap where are located some strategic points on a map.Navigation isn't implemented so clicking on it does nothing for now.In addition, I added icons upon head of some key NPCs which are described in `signboardlist.lub` (you know? sometimes you see floating icons on map ^^).
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