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  1. Good day! Please help me to make this https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3997-set-and-get-variable-for-gepard/ compatible to hercules please. thanks! I am getting error on thanks!
  2. Good day! May I request to convert this script to hercules please. - script GlobalMvP::GlobalMvP -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if(inarray(getd(".MVP_" + strcharinfo(3)),killedrid) != -1){ query_sql "SELECT `name` FROM `mvp` WHERE `char_id`="+getcharid(0)+"",[email protected]$; if ( [email protected]$ == "" ) { query_sql "INSERT INTO `mvp` (`char_id`,`name`,`kills`,`points`) VALUES (" + getcharid(0) + ",'" + escape_sql(strcharinfo(0)) + "',1,1)"; end; } query_sql "UPDATE `mvp` SET `kills` = (`kills` + 1), `points` = (`points` +1) WHERE `char_id`=" + getcharid(0); } end; function AddMvP { for([email protected]=1;[email protected]<getargcount();[email protected]++){ setd ".MVP_" + getarg(0) + "[" + [email protected] + "]",getarg([email protected]); } return; } OnInit: query_sql("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mvp` (`char_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `kills` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',`points` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `level` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', KEY `char_id` (`char_id`), KEY `kills` (`kills`), KEY `points` (`level`), KEY `level` (`level`)) ENGINE=MyISAM"); freeloop(1); //AddMvP(<"MAP_NAME">,<MVP ID>{,<MVP ID>}); //you can add as much as you want mvp ids AddMvP("prontera",1002); AddMvP("payon",1002,1003,1004); AddMvP("geffen",1546); freeloop(0); end; } Error found: [Error]: script error in file '(DIRECT INPUT)' line 3 column 10 parse_simpleexpr: unmatched ')' 1: { 2: OnNPCKillEvent: * 3: if(inarray(getd(".MVP_" + strcharinfo(3)),killedrid) != -1){
  3. Can you provide me NPC script for it? just give me hint, like it sells white potion, orange potions, red potion, blue potion. etc.
  4. Good day! I don't know if this has been requested. May I request a NPC SHOP that sells item but upon buying the item will have NPC name on it? For example. DriveThru NPC: Red pots ---->> upon purchased ----> "DriveThru Red Pots" I don't know how to add getnameditem under NPC Name. Thank you!
  5. Hi @AnnieRuru, apologies. 1. MVP list EASY Atroce (ATROCE) Mob-ID#1785 Bacsojin / White Lady (BACSOJIN_) Mob-ID#1630 Boitata (BOITATA) Mob-ID#2068 Doppelganger (DOPPELGANGER) Mob-ID#1046 Dracula (DRACULA) Mob-ID#1389 Drake (DRAKE) Mob-ID#1112 Eddga (EDDGA) Mob-ID#1115 Garm / Hatii (GARM) Mob-ID#1252 Gopinich (GOPINICH) Mob-ID#1885 Maya (MAYA) Mob-ID#1147 Mistress (MISTRESS) Mob-ID#1059 Osiris (OSIRIS) Mob-ID#1038 Pharaoh (PHARAOH) Mob-ID#1157 Phreeoni (PHREEONI) Mob-ID#1159 Tao Gunka (TAO_GUNKA) Mob-ID#1583 Turtle General (TURTLE_GENERAL) Mob-ID#1312 Vesper (APOCALIPS_H) Mob-ID#1685 NORMAL Amon Ra (AMON_RA) Mob-ID#1511 Baphomet (BAPHOMET) Mob-ID#1039 Dark Lord (DARK_LORD) Mob-ID#1272 Detale / Detardeurus (DETALE) Mob-ID#1719 Evil Snake Lord (DARK_SNAKE_LORD) Mob-ID#1418 Golden Thief Bug (GOLDEN_BUG) Mob-ID#1086 Incantation Samurai / Samurai Specter (INCANTATION_SAMURAI) Mob-ID#1492 Knight of Windstorm / Stormy Knight (KNIGHT_OF_WINDSTORM) Mob-ID#1251 Lady Tanee (LADY_TANEE) Mob-ID#1688 Lord of Death / Lord of the Dead (LORD_OF_DEATH) Mob-ID#1373 Moonlight Flower (MOONLIGHT) Mob-ID#1150 Orc Hero (ORK_HERO) Mob-ID#1087 Orc Lord (ORC_LORD) Mob-ID#1190 RSX 0806 / RSX-0806 (RSX_0806) Mob-ID#1623 Wounded Morroc (MOROCC_) Mob-ID#1917 HARD Beelzebub (BEELZEBUB_) Mob-ID#1874 Fallen Bishop / Fallen Bishop Hibram (FALLINGBISHOP) Mob-ID#1871 Gloom Under Night (GLOOMUNDERNIGHT) Mob-ID#1768 Ifrit (IFRIT) Mob-ID#1832 Kiel D-01 (KIEL_) Mob-ID#1734 Ktullanux (KTULLANUX) Mob-ID#1779 Thanatos / Memory of Thanatos (THANATOS) Mob-ID#1708 Valkyrie Randgris (RANDGRIS) Mob-ID#1751 2. Will wait for it /no1 <--- Can we skip the rank Name and just the killing points only for meantime. if possible 3. For monthly only 4. Points trigger on MVP maps only. (branch and bloody branch summons not included) Thank you so much!
  6. Good day! Where can i find the #define MAX_EVENTQUEUE 2 seem it is no longer found in map.h reference below. thanks!
  7. MikZ


    Good day! May i request command @mobalive please. though was already requested before. @mobalive moonlight Dispbottom "MVP moonlight is dead"; Dispbottom "MVP moonlight is Alive"; etc Only trigger if MVP is in MVP Map not in Deadbranch room or any other map.
  8. Hi! How can I remove this on the screen? Base EXP: | Base Drops: | Base Death Penatly: already commented the lines yet, still on the screen. //ModDrop = 140; //ModExp = 140; //ModDeath = 0;
  9. Alright! Thank you so much ms. Annieruru
  10. Good day! May I request script similar to this please. https://rathena.org/board/topic/114565-utility-automated-mvp-ladder-reward-system/ Contacted the maker yet script not available for Hercules. Just wanted: MVP points will trigger on MVP maps only 3 Set of MVP Easy = 2 pts (Solo) / 1pts (party Share) Moderate = 4 pts (Solo) / 2pts (party Share) Hard = 6 pts (Solo) / 3pts (party Share) View Personal Ranking (shows number of MVP killed only not pts.) weekly Easy = # of MVPs Moderate = # of MVPs Hard = # of MVPs Monthly Easy = # of MVPs Moderate = # of MVPs Hard = # of MVPs View Top ranking / Rewards to Top 5 (names only) Easy: Name of Players Moderate: Name of Players Hard : Name of Players Shop Reset points/ Ranking (Manual @command or Autoreset) If possible will have RANK name: Copper = 10 Iron = 15 Silver = 20 Gold = 25 Platinum = 30 Mythril = 35 Orichalcum = 40 Adamantite = 50 2 set of points MVP points(for shop purposes) and Hunting points(for Ranking name purposes) Basically Ranking Name points = Hunting points - Penalty points (Killed by MVP / right minus wrong) Reward will be given per rank monthly I'm running out of ideas, if possible only. if not not the MVP points above. thanks!
  11. @AnnieRuru your Quest information is so neat. can that be use for client 20141022 or for 2018 client only? Check mine .. also where to add these? */ mission 1 - acolyte trouble 49900 - from tavern, talk to acolyte 49901 - from acolyte, talk to npc in izlude 49902 - from izlude, talk to acolyte 49903 - from acolyte, submit to tavern mission 2 - gemstone stortage 49904 - from tavern, talk to gem seller 49905 - from gem seller, collect 10 yellow/blue/red gemstone 49906 - from gem seller, submit to tavern mission 3 - poring problem 49907 - from tavern, talk to guard 49908 - from guard, kill 10 poring 49909 - after kill poring and talked to guard, submit to tavern mission 4 - hand over the artifact 49910 - from tavern, talk to artifact collecter 49911 - from artifact collecter, talk to assistant within 20 seconds 49912 - from assistant, talk to artifact collecter 49913 - from artifact collecter, submit to tavern */
  12. I'm planning to, meantime I'm using 20141022 . Awaiting from AndRO dev how can I update my client in mobile and if it is free. does 20180621 is stable?
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