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  1. Good day! May I request assistance please. I have training dummy script but I also have hourly event like treasure box that has command @killmonster2 command. So everytime the event find the treasure enable the training dummy will be forever gone. how can I have the training dummy back after command @killmonster2? - script Punching Bag FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: setmapflag( "prontera",mf_monster_noteleport ); OnDummyKill: monster "prontera",208,182,"Punching Bag",1905,1,"Punching Bag::OnDummyKill"; end; OnPCAttackEvent: if ( [email protected]_punch ) end; @dps_damage += @damage; end; } - script Punching Bag2 FAKE_NPC,{ OnInit: setmapflag( "prontera",mf_monster_noteleport ); OnDummyKill2: monster "prontera",208,171,"Punching Bag",1905,1,"Punching Bag2::OnDummyKill2"; end; OnPCAttackEvent: if ( [email protected]_punch ) end; @dps_damage += @damage; end; } Treasure Chest Event: // --- Exteria Ragnarok Online [ExRO] 's Property --- // --- Please visit http://www.exteriaro.com --- // --- Scripted By: ARTHistic --- // --- Do Not Revomed the Credits --- prontera,183,172,5 script Treasure Box Summoner::Tbox 4_M_JOB_WIZARD,{ //prontera,165,142,3 script Treasure Box Summoner::Tbox 4_M_JOB_WIZARD,{ mes "[^0000FFTreasure Hunt Event^000000]"; mes "Hello, I'm a new mage here in Midgard. Every hour, I tried to cast my summoning spells and there a chance that i can summon a Treasure Box that will give you items once you destroy it. I only cast my spell on main city and I immediately announce to everyone once I perfectly cast my spells. Anyways, I will give you a little hint..."; if( [email protected] == 0 ){ mes "I ^ff0000failed^000000 to summoned the Treasure Box last time.^000000"; }else { mes " "; mes "^I successfully summoned the Treasure Box last time."; } close; OnStartTbox: set [email protected],1; announce "[Treasure Chest Event: Treasure Chest Event 'I perfectly cast my summoning skills'.]",0,0x00FFFF; sleep2 5000; announce "[Treasure Chest Event: 2 rare Treasure Box will be spawned in 30 seconds at Prontera.]",0,0x00FFFF; sleep2 10000; announce "[Treasure Chest Event: Every Treasure Box gives you 5 Event Coins and a chance to drop 1 TCG.]",0,0x00FFFF; sleep2 20000; announce "[Treasure Chest Event: 2 rare Treasure Box has spawned in Prontera and will disappear in 45 minutes.]",0,0x00FFFF; monster "prontera",0,0,"Treasure Box",1344,2,"Tbox::OnTBoxKilled"; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer1800000: stopnpctimer; killmonster .eventMapTbox$,"all"; set [email protected],0; announce "[Treasure Chest Event: Rare Treasure Chest has disappear.]",0,0x00FFFF; end; OnTBoxKilled: announce "[Treasure Chest Event: The rare Treasure Box has been found and destroyed by "+strcharinfo(0)+"!]", bc_all,0x00FFFF; set [email protected],0; if( rand( 100 ) < .tboxrate ){ getmapxy( [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0 ); makeitem 7227,2,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; }else{ getmapxy( [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0 ); makeitem 25046,10,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; } end; OnInit: // craft settings .tboxrate = 70; set .eventMapTbox$, "prontera"; waitingroom "[Treasure Box Summoner]",0; end; }
  2. Opps, maybe Im just sleepy while looking for it. BTW, how to enable/disable MVPs?
  3. Hi! Where can I enable/disable abracadabra summoning skill? Can't seem to find the abra_db.txt thanks!
  4. Good day! Is there a way, to make first aid skill an IDLE? I mean they just spam first aid or skill for hourly points and not moving at all. Thank you!
  5. any update on this? thanks!
  6. MikZ


    Any update on this please? Thanks!
  7. up please. Where can I edit in src. Wanted to remove the HP of the Emperium only. thanks!
  8. Good day! Where can I enable taekwon rank status? Reset time of taekwon mission? I'm not quite familiar with taekwon. Please anyone to provide mi info where to and what to. Thanks!
  9. Noted! Thanks a lot. Will just wait for the update of ExtendedBG.
  10. up please. how to source edit? thanks!
  11. I'm using these: "HPMHooking", "db2sql", "koe", "ExtendedBG", "ExtendedBG-char", //"sample", //"other", "mapcache", "costumeitem", "security", "restock", // "hit-delay", // "noinvitation", "sleep", "whosell",
  12. Good day! May I know what is this error? Thanks!
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