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  1. Good day! Is there something wrong with mob_item_ratio? Tried to make the drops to 75% but can't seem to get it done. 2610,7500 //goldring 2610,7500 //Diamondring
  2. Hi @meko, Already did that. <?php return array( // Example server configuration. You may have more arrays like this one to // specify multiple server groups (however they should share the same login // server whilst they are allowed to have multiple char/map pairs). array( 'ServerName' => 'Test', // Global database configuration (excludes logs database configuration). 'DbConfig' => array( //'Socket' => '/tmp/mysql.sock', //'Port' => 3306, //'Encoding' => 'utf8', // Connection encoding -- use whatever here your MySQL tables collation is. 'Convert' => 'utf8', // -- 'Convert' option only works when 'Encoding' option is specified and iconv (http://php.net/iconv) is available. // -- It specifies the encoding to convert your MySQL data to on the website (most likely needs to be utf8) 'Hostname' => '1**.**.**.**', 'Username' => 'Test', 'Password' => 'Test01', 'Database' => 'Test', 'Persistent' => true, 'Timezone' => null // Example: '+0:00' is UTC. // The possible values of 'Timezone' is as documented from the MySQL website: // "The value can be given as a string indicating an offset from UTC, such as '+10:00' or '-6:00'." // "The value can be given as a named time zone, such as 'Europe/Helsinki', 'US/Eastern', or 'MET'." (see below continuation!) // **"Named time zones can be used only if the time zone information tables in the mysql database have been created and populated." ), // This is kept separate because many people choose to have their logs // database accessible under different credentials, and often on a // different server entirely to ensure the reliability of the log data. 'LogsDbConfig' => array( //'Socket' => '/tmp/mysql.sock', //'Port' => 3306, //'Encoding' => null, // Connection encoding -- use whatever here your MySQL tables collation is. 'Convert' => 'utf8', // -- 'Convert' option only works when 'Encoding' option is specified and iconv (http://php.net/iconv) is available. // -- It specifies the encoding to convert your MySQL data to on the website (most likely needs to be utf8) 'Hostname' => '1**.**.**.**', 'Username' => 'Test', 'Password' => 'Test01', 'Database' => 'Test', 'Persistent' => true, 'Timezone' => null // Possible values is as described in the comment in DbConfig. ), // Login server configuration. 'LoginServer' => array( 'Address' => '1**.**.**.**', 'Port' => 6900, 'UseMD5' => false, 'NoCase' => true, // Hercules account case-sensitivity; Default: Case-INsensitive (true). 'GroupID' => 0, // Default account group ID during registration. //'Database' => 'ragnarok' ),
  3. Good day! I recently transfer my VPS to other hosting sites. And upon changing the IP address in my Fluxcp everything works fine except account creation. It say Uh oh, what happened? Did some googling and I end up getting these errors. [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) Exception PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection timed out [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #0 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/Connection.php(81): PDO->__construct('mysql:host=192....', 'Test', 'TestPass*', Array) [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #1 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/Connection.php(94): Flux_Connection->connect(Object(Flux_Config)) [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #2 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/Connection.php(159): Flux_Connection->getConnection() [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #3 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/LoginServer.php(179): Flux_Connection->getStatement('SELECT userid F...') [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #4 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/modules/account/create.php(32): Flux_LoginServer->register('test0000', 'TestPass01', 'TestPass01', '[email protected]', 'M', '2020-05-09', 'uVEIp') [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #5 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/Template.php(375): include('/homepages/19/d...') [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #6 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/Dispatcher.php(170): Flux_Template->render() [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #7 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/index.php(173): Flux_Dispatcher->dispatch(Array) [2020-05-09 01:57:11] (PDOException) **TRACE** #8 {main} [2020-05-09 01:57:15] (PDOException) Exception PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection timed out [2020-05-09 01:57:15] (PDOException) **TRACE** #0 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/Template.php(375): include() [2020-05-09 01:57:15] (PDOException) **TRACE** #1 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/lib/Flux/Dispatcher.php(170): Flux_Template->render() [2020-05-09 01:57:15] (PDOException) **TRACE** #2 /homepages/19/d739599868/htdocs/LibRO/index.php(173): Flux_Dispatcher->dispatch(Array) [2020-05-09 01:57:15] (PDOException) **TRACE** #3 {main} What does these errors means?
  4. it is like last mac but it is under Gepard A game client protection by functor.
  5. Does it have new script with the . thanks!
  6. Good day! Is there a way to make it per last_unique_id (gepard)? Thanks!
  7. Good day! My I request please. How to change this charip to char unique ID? thanks! OnReward: set [email protected]$, ((.Options&4)?"position = 0":"online = 1"); if (.Options&2) set [email protected]$,gettimestr("%B %d, %Y",21); freeloop(1); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<30; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) if (getarg(0)&(1<<[email protected])) { set [email protected], getcastledata(.Castles$[[email protected]],1); if ([email protected]) continue; set [email protected], query_sql("SELECT account_id,char_id FROM `guild_member` WHERE guild_id = '"[email protected]+"' AND "[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<[email protected]; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if (.Options&8 && !(.Options&4)) { set [email protected]$, replacestr(getcharip([email protected][[email protected]]),".","a"); if (getd("[email protected]_"[email protected]+"_"[email protected]$)) continue; setd "[email protected]_"[email protected]+"_"[email protected]$,1; }
  8. Good day! I place the battle ground armors[1] in @bgshop by dastgir, I thought would still give slotted to it. Cuz it was to good to see name of battleground in the item but unfortunately it remove the slots of the items. May I request a script to read those name item and to convert back to badges?? I have players who already bought the items.
  9. I am sorry i am really not good at it. I am running a non-ro hosting. While transferring i did this useradd --create-home --shell /bin/bash hercules1234 passwd hercules1234 then: su hercules1234 vncserver vncpasswd then: transfer the files under hercules1234 user all files where being transfer under hercules1234 user created new user(hercphp) with root privileges in mysql. login to mysql -u hercphp upload sql then su hercules1234 go to trunk ./athena.-start start. works fine. but upon login. disconnect to login-server What did i missed? Does the unzipping gives root privileges?
  10. Good day! May I know how to run the server not in root privilege's? I am about to transfer my hosting to other host, upon running it in logging in the login-server crashed . stating on gdb i am running the herc in root privilege's. but as i sudo test it says the user is not listed in sudoers.
  11. I also tried this. Still the same wont allow me to vote again after 12hours. https://github.com/sanasol/FluxCP_Addons-VoteForPoints
  12. Good day Hercules dev. Seeking for confirmation please. Updated to latest GIT however snap dodge for azura strike skill is not working.. Thanks!
  13. Good day! Do you have working vote for points addons? I tried this but can seem to make it work. At first points were given but on the next vote no points were given.
  14. up please. Anyone?
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