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  1. What about /monsterhp command?>
  2. Edit: Its broken again on the latest version. @AnnieRuru
  3. So as bugs, everytime i updated my rAthena new bug comes, alot of pre-renewal formulas is broken. (can be fix by reverting ALOT of commits).
  4. I'm currently patreoning this project as i have Aeva panel myself and cannot continue it, I will support other projects. We need new awesome CP!
  5. Hmm, Edit: Solved Was my data.grf (got corrupted)
  6. His code always 10/10 works for me Glad your back
  7. This also normally happen when you do changes the drops / mob_db configuration then you do @reloadbattleconf or @reloadmobdb then @mi, try to restart your server that error will be gone.
  8. This is for HP table, anything for EXP table? Anything for the EXP Group db?
  9. if( pc_isfalcon(sd) && sd->weapontype == W_BOW && sc && sc->data[SC_SOULLINK] && sc->data[SC_SOULLINK]->val2 == SL_HUNTER && pc->checkskill(sd,SN_FALCONASSAULT) > 0 && rand()%100 <= 15 ) skill->castend_damage_id(src,bl,SN_FALCONASSAULT,1,tick,SD_LEVEL); This will give you 15% chance. Edit the <= 15 ) to chance you want.
  10. state &= ~BCT_GUILD; state &= ~BCT_PARTY; You can test by removing guild so it can only hit party?
  11. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/src/map/battle.c#L6815 Add this. if (src && (map->list[m].flag.gvg_castle || map->list[m].flag.gvg) && (battle->get_current_skill(src) == SN_SHARPSHOOTING)) { state |= BCT_ENEMY; state &= ~BCT_GUILD; state &= ~BCT_PARTY; }
  12. So thats why you cannot change the 2017-07's langtype >.< EDIT: when you use sclientinfo.xml and use langtype 1 onwards you'll get error.
  13. Do ZERO client uses same files as kRO such as skill description and etc?
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