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  1. Works great, I only see 1 small issue: case 2: cutin "",255; break; if it has break; at the end it makes the npc bug. if you replace it with close; it works perfectly fine
  2. Hey, guys so I set my server max level 140. the issue is from level 99-100 it doesn't show any EXP Bar at all. and same with aura is it possible to set it so it shows from 99-140 all the time. I didn't find any posts about it. Thank you
  3. Hey Toshiro, thanks about that <3 But I wanted the software, it was super usefull.
  4. I'm looking for a tool, that let's me find specific npc's location in a script I had it before, but I had to re-install my pc and have forgot the name of it. it works like this: you select folder for example "C:UsersCGDesktopSVNHerculesnpccustom then you input your search name "Weapon Epic Shop" and it shows you the npc location and the line its in.
  5. Daifuku Offers fair and reasonable prices. Great communication, speedy service and always high quality of help. Even if your not sure yourself what you want, you can leave it to Daifuku. She we make something amazing in very short time and will be really humble, when your shock that it didn't take as long as it should. She can mostly create anything you wish for and even more. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs this kind of service, you wont find anyone as helpful, professional and friendly at the same time. Only wish good luck to Daifuku and thanks for all the hard work Kind Regards Team of ArionRO
  6. Hmm if it deletes both original and duplicate then it must have the same ID, meaning the problem resides in the display. But anyway, yes please, screenshots would be helpful Alright, so I go to the Posts board and create new Post After that done I click cancel to go back to selection screen. And it creates 2 posts at the same time, even identical creation times.
  7. When you delete the duplicate, both of them get's deleted. I can show you Screen Shoots when I get home from work And it happens every time, was trying to fix it for 2 hours last night.
  8. Hello I have a small problem, every time I make a Page or a Post it makes 2 duplicates.
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