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  1. Hello there! I just uploaded my RO folder, includes rdata.grf and data.grf, both were uptodated today January 15, 2018 Both GRF's were compressed It doesn't includes BGM's. Includes the latest opensetup Kro Client Folder Ragnarok Client January 2018.rar
  2. While using this method, what should I write on the View section of item_db? Do I still need to use accname and accesoryid? I have it like this It does appear in-game, but just in the inventory tab, the sprite is missing EDIT: Yeap, I still need to use accname and accesoryid
  3. Hello there! I'm writing this code that will give prizes to the top 3 MvP killers Should be triggered every monday, but for testing purposes I picked OnMinute1 OnInit: OnMinute1: L_give: announce "Entregando premios .",0; query_sql("Select ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.char_id, ragnarok.char.name, ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.value FROM ragnarok.char_reg_num_db INNER JOIN ragnarok.char ON ragnarok.char.char_id=ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.char_id WHERE ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.`key`='MvP' ORDER BY ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.value DESC LIMIT 3", [email protected]); // Selects TOP 3 MVP query_sql "DELETE FROM char_reg_num_db WHERE char_reg_num_db.`key`='USERAURA' OR char_reg_num_db.`key`='USERAURA1'"; [email protected] = query_sql ("Select exists(SELECT ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.char_id FROM ragnarok.char_reg_num_db WHERE ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.char_id=150003 AND ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.`key`= 'USERAURA')"); //DELETE Previous Prize for (set @i,0; @i < 3; set @i,@i+1) { [email protected] = query_sql ("Select exists(SELECT ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.char_id FROM ragnarok.char_reg_num_db WHERE ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.char_id=150003 AND ragnarok.char_reg_num_db.`key`= 'USERAURA')"); mes "Encontrado: "[email protected]+""; if ([email protected] == 1) { if ([email protected][@i] != 0) { query_sql("INSERT INTO `ragnarok`.`char_reg_num_db` (`char_id`, `key`, `value`) VALUES ("[email protected][@i]+", 'USERAURA', 586)"); query_sql("INSERT INTO `ragnarok`.`char_reg_num_db` (`char_id`, `key`, `value`) VALUES ("[email protected][@i]+", 'USERAURA1', 587)"); } } } end; This is my console:
  4. Awesome! Thanks for your reply.
  5. I think Gravity has changed something with their Patcher FTP because I can't update anymore, I downloaded "Full_kRO_Renewal_20150101" and it let me download updates for a while but now it doesn't... I am using RSU Patchers
  6. Looks amazing! Will test later
  7. Indeed, as you said The long blue bar is the important thing, is the important data the WPE is looking for and then modifies. The short red bar is the message id as @Yommy said. So this is more like a Anti-rPE, it is a shame, I was liking the idea of not having to buy a extra security package Thanks @Dastgir, @Yommy.
  8. Yes, all things that used to modify or manipulate packets won't be able to used.You need to be sure you choose correct client(which have good packet keys, or have edited with your keys, which are good) Then I don't know what I am doing ... I downloaded this client I diff it: The Keys are: As you can see, it's passed Then I change the original keys for the custom ones in packets.h and for last I changed this option to 2: I can login without any problem, I can't even use rPE, if I try to send a skill by packet, it disconnects me, but if I use WPE and activate the Maya Purple Filter, I can see myself on cloaking Any ideas ? Thanks It's my healer C:
  9. Is the feature supposed to block all packets modification, am I right? So I shouln't be able to use Maya Purple Filter or things like that, right ? D: Because right now I can use it.
  10. I am not actually at home, but do you know that webpage, like 5~8 years ago that could let you make your own status checker? I was something like blackout gaming, well, the "code" it is just a img src tag, pointing to that Web (blackout....), in my browser it shows it like online
  11. I am trying to show my status server in the noticeBox of the Thor Patcher. The thing is when I try it on the browser it works, when I try it on the Patcher don't... Any ideas?
  12. Mmm thats weird :S I am using Win 10, I am even emulating Hercules on it and 0 errors, no problems. Have you checked Win Updates?
  13. I changed to sourceforge, now it's working, thanks for your reply
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