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  1. hello hercules peeps , today i encountered this weird issue what is it about? idk what file makes this error pops up?
  2. this one doesnt work , tried them all this is the error that shows in my console : apply the diff first how noob i am , thank you <3
  3. this one doesnt work , tried them all this is the error that shows in my console :
  4. i went back to 20130807 , i think its more stable then 2014 clients the error gone [email protected]@Easycore thank you hercules forums for helping me out
  5. @@Dastgir i am using both emulaters btw and its a client side problem , Thankyou sooo much Dastgir <33333 , it works fine now but it gives me some errors that i can skip saying : lua filesSprEditinfo_New_2dLayerDir_F.lua:43: table index is nil then it says : NO!! 2D_LAYER_NEW_TABLE what should i do?
  6. Hello rAthena , long time no server edditing anyway let me get to the problem i am facing when i click OK it close without any warnings or errors , any solutions? PS: i'm using NEMO Patcher , i've put the 3 keys in the patcher same as the packet_db keys nothing more nothing less. EXTRA INFO: thats what i have , anything wrong with it?
  7. Hi everyone , can i request those scripts? Dice event RFYL Event i got rathena versions but doesnt work and full of errors http://upaste.me/7d9f1763527b7e0da thank you .
  8. Hi Hercules Members i got this LMS event script , its working but there is an error , the prize npc is always on and gives unlimited prizes , and the event warper npc should be hidden till the event trigers , but he still shown
  9. thats what i though , the problem is idk how to fix it whether its a firewall or a local ip only centOS 32 is what i am using atm
  10. nope , using qhoster host plan nanakiwurtz
  11. today i got my vps plan from qhoster , anyway i did everything from installing to compiling but whenever i try to connect to mySQL i get this error , plus i am 100% sure about the username and the password : http://postimg.org/image/3xphrga5f/ anyone knows how to fix it? or why this is happening?
  12. Hi Everyone , i got this problem when i was compiling my hercules based server http://postimg.org/image/zfo5l9elr/ he doesnt recognize the script file :| , any help guys? nvm fixed by using cd Hercules./configuremake cleanmake sql instead of cd Hercules./configuremake sql PS : you guys got a lot of mistakes in the centOS installing guide at the wiki , i went to rathena's wiki to copy some tips
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