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  1. Disappointed with their services. I purchased last month but unfortunately my server can't connect even though there is no error, I contacted them to check what's the error on my vps and they said that maybe the developer didn't set up it correctly. I decided to buy another vps on my developer with same setup and it is successful. I didn't use my vps that I ordered to them. I checked my paypal account last week and I saw that this hosting still deducting me on the vps that I ordered. First thing that I did on the same day, I contacted camille about that to refund my money and she said that is her not paypal account but it is on trinity and also she told me that the hosting already replied to me on my email but when I checked it there's no response. I messaged her again on facebook but until now she's just viewing my message. I also told it to my developer to contact her and she response to my developer that she didnt know me.
  2. Hello! Thank you for your work, I am really satisfied!!. Affordable yet High Quality WORK! More Clients to Come! God bless
  3. Hello, you're back! Hope you still remember AimHighRO , one of your work!
  4. Hello, Thank you for everything you've done on my login screen, logo and patcher. I am really satisfied with her work. High quality yet affordable. You really get what I want to my login screen, logo and patcher . Thumbs Up! Hope you will have more clients to come! God bless PS: please post your work on my ragnarok
  5. RaGEZONE, then search mo sa google top 100 ragnarok , maraming lalabas na website doon na pwede mag advertise ng ragnarok