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  1. prontera,158,167,3 script Sample 4_M_SIT_NOVICE,{ if (#xTaken + .next_take> gettimetick(2)) { mes "[Random Item Giver]"; mes "Please talk to me after 24 hours."; close; } else { mes "[Random Item Giver]"; mes "Have some of these!"; [email protected] = rand ([email protected],[email protected]); [email protected] = rand ([email protected],[email protected]); [email protected] = rand ([email protected],[email protected]); [email protected] = [email protected][rand(getarraysize ([email protected]))]; [email protected] = [email protected][rand(getarraysize ([email protected]))]; [email protected] = [email protected][rand(getarraysize ([email protected]))]; getitem ( [email protected], [email protected] ) ; // dispbottom ( "rItemid1 :: " + [email protected] + " riRate1 :: " + [email protected] + " Name :: " + getitemname ( [email protected] ) ) ; // debug use only !!! getitem ( [email protected], [email protected] ) ; // dispbottom ( "rItemid2 :: " + [email protected] + " riRate2 :: " + [email protected] + " Name :: " + getitemname ( [email protected] ) ) ; // debug use only !!! getitem ( [email protected], [email protected] ) ; // dispbottom ( "rItemid3 :: " + [email protected] + " riRate3 :: " + [email protected] + " Name :: " + getitemname ( [email protected] ) ) ; // debug use only !!! #xTaken = gettimetick(2); next; close; } OnInit: //set cooldown to take item again. .next_take = 24*60*60; //set item here setarray .Aitem1[0],501,502,503,504,505,14510; setarray .Aitem2[0],601,602,603,604,605,14510; setarray .Aitem3[0],701,702,703,704,705,14510; //set rate here .Ai11 = 1; .Ai12 = 10; .Ai21 = 5; .Ai22 = 15; .Ai31 = 10; .Ai32 = 20; end; } Refined and fixed up npc variable..
  2. This should means on PvP enabled map? When player A kill player B, Show effect xxx on player A. But what is "manner"? Side note : Why can't I delete code box (and content of code box) on Android chrome? And it's same with quote box!
  3. utofaery

    Update map

    Lucas I assumed. Issue :: You have incomplete conf folder. Explaination :: Which means you got something missing from "Hercules/conf/plugins.conf" folder Recovery Step :: Re-Clone or Re-Update your hercules installation. Vital.
  4. By script (easier), skill is source (harder). make a clone npc at destination with on touch then announce something Database support not script anymore! anyway~ any filename that has "skill" 1. hercules\db\ 2.1 hercules\db\pre-re\ or 2.2 hercules\db\re\ OR 3 you want customly made stuff ( aka custom skill ) https://herc.ws/wiki/Adding_new_skills ( BENEFICIAL read) ( sorry to make it caps, no people takes reading stuff seriously these days ) Yes we know the good old floating npc which no normal play can click see or OnTouch...
  5. Bad suggestion: Erm another thing is to try hunting private server (which used 2015) for the "questid2display.txt"
  6. First thing first this line is found on the first page of https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation This fork meant to work only for the lastest RagexeRE client release, backward compatibility is not maintained. 1. Thing is if you use 2015 client make sure you get translation package that target 2015 client only not anything 2018 or etc. old client need old translation. so you need to do homework to get translation for 2015 client searching in github. 2. or you could use new client with new translation? which is easier and maintain'ed for current version of client. 3. or if you insist to use 2015, then wait for someone to save you .. Side Note: Any way this is found in rathena with 1 hour difference.. same topic same description. https://rathena.org/board/topic/118479-quest-log-crash/
  7. Question about 1: Q1. Do I use this npc as duplicate like woe FE did?? like the guild manager or guild starter npc? Q2. about the bindatcmd it only work if I duplicate them?
  8. Q>what does this warning means This happen'd when I tried to do this: Map server error: A function call'ed on another npc with getmapflag check...of all mapflag found in constants
  9. Since this is sample questlog, Might be wise to include sample Instance?
  10. Hercules\conf\char\char-server.conf // Player-related configuration player: { new: { // Start point (Renewal) start_point_re: { map: "iz_int" x: 18 y: 27 } // Start point (Pre-Renewal) start_point_pre: { map: "new_1-1" x: 53 y: 111 }
  11. From this file : plugin-sample.vcxproj can it be modified to load multiple .c file? as in mapcache.c customplugin1.c .... etc inside one plugin-sample.vcxproj? The reason to mash up plugin ==> SSD is hyper expensive storage option... compare to HDD
  12. 1. What to change if this occur? 2. can that be created?? somehow? 3. On the pass some forum restrict people from flooding topic in forum...which is something I faced before so ... the reason I did mashup topic. this forum encourage flooding then??
  13. Another thing I forgot 1. Can plugins be "rojak" into one plugin? 2. Is that consider healthy practice ???
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