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  1. I'm having trouble with the elementals. Some as spirit Aqua - Level 1 Water Screen - the skill Protect the summoner by taking all of the damage inflicted on him / her, is not working. Does anyone know anything about that?
  2. @@Mhalicot Sorry for the delay, I was traveling. Use the latest version of Hercules always updated. I tested the plugin today and remains the problem here. If the player taking and place the equip several times, the DEF it increases exponentially. Not, at least for me, taking the status when unequip, and adding when equip. Very strange indeed ...
  3. Someone would have color palettes for clothes and hair that works for all classes? I tested several palettes and am having trouble with the Ninja classes and other 3rd classes. Thank you!
  4. The problem is in Costume Items plugin, when activated the bug occurs ...
  5. I have not changed anything, just added the plugin Custom Item and the plugin setbgid
  6. Please I need help !! When players equip and unequip the items several times, the def increases until all humanoids attacks give miss !!!!!! On any map, pvp, etc .. The players are doing it and MVPs humanoid, humanoid mobs and other players do not hit more damage it. As if the defense does not reset when you take the item and sum each time you put the items. And only returns to normal when relog... I do not know what to do ....
  7. @@ρixєℓ In my case I use Windows, along with the server is a plugin called "sample". Open the file in MVS, for example, and see the plugin properties the right way to set up.
  8. buczak


    Auraset crashed map server if I'm with a skill buff active and relog. Any skill with status ... Even if you do not use the command aura, just the fact of being compiled and activated. I disable the plugin and the error does not happen. Latest version of the emulator and plug. http://herc.ws/board/tracker/issue-8183-map-crash-issues/
  9. Same here ... With the latest version of Hercules, all plugins give this error ... @@ρixєℓ Solved, copy sample plugin settings and everything worked.
  10. I thought the problem was the auraset plugin that is giving error in the map server. After disabling the plugin everything worked normally.
  11. I do not know what else to do, I created a passive skill that increases the MaxHP for a period of time. The skill is functioning without problem, I get the skill clicking the NPC, and activate it get the buff, appears the icon of status with the remainder of the buff, etc ... So far so right ... The problem occurs when the skill on, and I try to disconnect or try to select another character, the map server crash and restart ........................ I believe that the map server can not save the skill status, but do not know what to do. Everything works, just can not log out with the skill on. I need to save the skill obtained in SQL database ?? I am completely lost without knowing what to do ... Has anyone experienced this or would know where is the problem !! ?? Obs - Everything compiled without errors, no error messages in map server scren, only that the map-be crashed and will be restarted, and without errors on the client.
  12. Hello, I created a custom buff status added by atcommand but do not know how to add delay to reuse the buff, and status icon showing the delay time ... Here's what I've done so far, everything working for now, just missing part of the delay status.c /*==========================================* Apply shared stat mods from status changes [DracoRPG]*------------------------------------------*/unsigned short status_calc_str(struct block_list *bl, struct status_change *sc, int str){ if(sc->data[SC_STOMACHACHE]) str -= sc->data[SC_STOMACHACHE]->val1; if(sc->data[SC_KYOUGAKU]) str -= sc->data[SC_KYOUGAKU]->val3; if (sc->data[SC_MYCUSTOM]) str += sc->data[SC_MYCUSTOM]->val1; status.h SC_MYCUSTOM = 2999,SC_MAX,...SI_MYCUSTOM = 2999, SI_MAX, ... dbconst.txt SC_MYCUSTOM 2999 stateiconinfo.lub StateIconList[EFST_IDs.EFST_MYCUSTOM] = { haveTimeLimit = 1, posTimeLimitStr = 2, descript = { { "Test",COLOR_TITLE_BUFF }, {"%s", COLOR_TIME}, { "Test." } }} I need the status icon shows the delay time and the buff can not be used during this time. Could anyone help me?
  13. buczak

    Aura time end

    Hello, I am wanting to make a npc that clicking increases agility and set aura (auraset) in char. My question would be how best to take the char aura when the speed is over? Here's what I did, someone could help me improve the script ... prontera,150,150,6 script Aura 700,{ sc_start SC_INC_AGI,240000,10; aura 586,-1,-1; addtimer 240000,"autobuffs::OnMyLabel"; end;}- script autobuffs -1,{OnMyLabel: aura 0,0,0; end;}
  14. @@Lilium Sancta Lilium Primeiro queria agradecer pelo addon, estou usando o sistema e está funcionando perfeito, muito bom!! Obrigado!! Só tenho uma dúvida, saberia me dizer como consigo exibir o total de #CashPoints da conta? Meu flux cp usa essa linha para exibir: <span class="balance-text">Créditos</span><span class="balance-amount"><?php echo number_format((int)$session->account->balance) ?></span> Porém eu uso chaspoints da tabela acc_reg_num_db do campo key. Sabe onde eu preciso mudar para pegar esses valores e exibir na página? Obrigado.
  15. Hello, I'm looking for the Reno npc that makes the crystal quest synthesis, but I can not find anywhere. Would be under another name or another folder in the npc /? I searched the forum, source, wiki and found nothing ... lol They would know how to enable the NPC, is not showing up in the game, or at least not found .. Thank you!
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