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  1. is it showing somthing at map server console?
  2. how about discord channel ? https://discord.gg/WZ2SDad this link is not working
  3. Hello everyone, We can make some like that mes("You can <URL>Google<INFO>http://www.google.com/</INFO></URL> anything"); Clicking Google will open the browser and point to Google website. But I want to know parameters to define the size of the windows that will hebopened. Someone could help me? Thanks very much!
  4. Perfect, it works, now I want to turn off it, because after choose start the quest, there is not more a new quest.
  5. estive tentando fazer o npc avisar o jogador que existe uma quest disponivel sem clicar nele outros posts: http://herc.ws/board/topic/14740-npc-quest-showevent/ https://forum.brathena.org/index.php?/topic/26196-ajuda-com-npc-quest-efeito/
  6. Necesito hacer un npc que muestre para el jugador que hay una quest disponible, pero sin clicar en el. http://herc.ws/board/topic/14740-npc-quest-showevent/
  7. Hello every one, I am trying to create a quest npc. This npc will show a effect like the picture, but not when the player click on it. I will sho this effect when the player is not doing the quest, so the npc show it.
  8. 2012-04-10 or 2013-08-07 are the better?
  9. ok, we're go! What is the better HEXED for 3rd server I'm using the data folder from Brazillian ragnarok.
  10. You are using VS2012, you must open Hercules-11.sln. Please refer to [WIKI]Compiling Note that Hercules-12.sln is for VS-2013.. thenks! that works! I used the version 2010!
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