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  1. Excellent! Tested and working Thank you very much.
  2. Dont know if this is the right section, move to right forum please. I need some help with the picklog db to make easier to locate a user. Picklog db only show the char id so its uncomfortable. How to make a functional extra table in the picklog db to view the char name? Thanks.
  3. @AnnieRuru @@Emistry @@Euphy.. @ some one? e.e
  4. Hi! Npc that warps the player into a given map with a wide list of restricted items If the player have that item equiped or in the inventory they are not allowed to enter the map. Please help.
  5. Hi i would like to have a script like this to make a great pvp hour full of users 1. Only When it is @time 22:00 this script starts 2. When killing another user they recieve a certain coin per every kill [ poring coins 7539] 3. This script only work in certain map [ guild_vs2 ] 4. When it is @time 23:00 the script ends this topic is already solved in rathena, thank you Emistry.
  6. Please help with this npc Npc with GM menu when a gm talk to the npc have the option to add the guild name that is not allow to play in the war of emperium the users of that guild name i added when enter to this maps : alde_gld gef_fild13 prt_gld pay_gld sch_gld aru_gld they are expelled from the maps to save point and displays a message that they are not allowed to play.
  7. im not good scrypting ill pay if its necessary. anyone that can do this inbox me please.
  8. I need help with this script. Users in Autotrade mode recieve 2 Platinium Coins (id 677) every 1 hour, Users cannot have more than 1 Shop in autotrade mode ( ip block) Help Please.
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