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  1. Sigh, if only, feels like waiting for Duke Nukem Forever.
  2. Figured as much but was worth asking, thanks for the reply.
  3. That "DisableOptions" just allows you to choose if an option can be added via NPC or not, it does not add an option on drop.
  4. That allows you to add random bonuses, but does it allow them on drop or only through an NPC?
  5. It's been a while since I have been on, but I seen that the Random Item Option was added: Is there a method to assign that Random Option when an item is dropped from by a mob? Something like this: https://rathena.org/board/topic/110774-crimson-weapons-and-item-random-options-drop-support/
  6. This was an odd one, did a full pc restart and the issue was gone. Sadly, ran into a few other issues so switched over to "2015-10-29aragexe" client instead, works perfectly now.
  7. An old topic but same issue. Using the latest version of Hercules with this Client: http://herc.ws/board/topic/13827-2015-10-29aragexere-client-re-release/ mmo.h set to: #define PACKETVER 20151029 #define ENABLE_PACKETVER_RE I get the error: CHARACTER_INFO size error!! character num : 9 CHARACTER_INFO size : 144 Any ideas?
  8. This is looking more and more like it truly is a limitation of the client that nobody has resolved yet. Though it would be nice to see on the NEMO patcher, depending on how it's limited.
  9. Long story short, i'm trying to add new custom Mercenary skills based on some of the existing skills but having trouble with the client changes. The problem is that the new skills do not even show in the list of skills when checking the mercenary. Server Details: My server is Hercules version 20140205. I have been able to create a new NPC in "Hercules/npc/other/mercenary_rent.txt" as well as 10 new "scroll" items in "Herculesdbreitem_db.conf". These work without issue as i'm able to talk to the npc and purchase mercenary scrolls. I have also successfully created the new mercenaries in "Hercules/db/mercenary_db.txt" and assigned it's skills in the following locations: "Hercules/db/mercenary_skill_db.txt" 6054,8241,10 //MER_HEAL6054,8239,10 //MER_BLESSING6054,8242,10 //MER_ANGELUS6054,8222,5 //MER_MAGNIFICAT "Hercules/db/re/skill_db.txt" 8241,9,6,16,6,0x21,0,10,1,yes,0,0,0,magic,0, MER_HEAL,Heal8242,0,6,4,0,0x3,-1,10,1,yes,0,0,0,magic,0, MER_ANGELUS,Angelus "Hercules/db/re/skill_cast_db.txt" //-- MER_HEAL8241,0,1000,0,0,0,0,0//-- MER_ANGELUS8242,350,3500,0,30000:60000:90000:120000:150000:180000:210000:240000:270000:300000,0,0,150 "Hercules/db/re/skill_require_db.txt" 8241,0,0,13:16:19:22:25:28:31:34:37:40,0,0,0,99,0,0,none,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 //MER_HEAL8242,0,0,23:26:29:32:35:38:41:44:47:50,0,0,0,99,0,0,none,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 //MER_ANGELUS "Hercules/src/map/skill.h" - Right after MER_INCAGI, MER_HEAL, MER_ANGELUS, "Hercules/src/map/skill.c" - Copied any reference to AL_HEAL and AL_ANGELUS using MER_ "Hercules/src/map/battle.c"- Copied any reference to AL_HEAL and AL_ANGELUS using MER_ The skills I assigned it are 2 existing skills "Blessing - 8239" and "Magnificat - 8222", while giving it a new version of "Heal - Reused commented out 8241" and "Angelus - 8242". In order to accomidate the new skills I increased the MAX_MERCSKILL in "Hercules/src/common/mmo.h" to 50 (Could have been 41 but wanted to leave room). // Mercenary System#define MC_SKILLBASE 8201#define MAX_MERCSKILL 50 Client Details: My client is a NEMO patched version of the 20140205 ThemonChan client from "https://github.com/ThemonChan/2014-Ragexe-Client". I have updated the skill list to include the new skills at the following locations: "kRO/Data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skillid.lub" MER_HEAL = 8241, MER_ANGELUS = 8242, "kRO/Data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skilldescript.lub" [SKID.MER_HEAL] = { "Heal", "MAX Lv : 10", "Skill Form: ^777777Recovery^000000", "Target: ^777777Player^000000", "Description: ^777777Restore a targeted player's HP.", "Caster's base level and INT affect the amount", "of HP recovered by Heal.^000000" }, [SKID.MER_ANGELUS] = { "Angelus", "MAX Lv : 10", "Skill Form: ^777777Supportive^000000", "Description: ^777777Increase the Defense of the entire", "party including caster's, for the skill's duration.^000000", "[Lv 1]: 23sp, +5% Def", "[Lv 2]: 26sp, +10% Def", "[Lv 3]: 29sp, +15% Def", "[Lv 4]: 32sp, +20% Def", "[Lv 5]: 35sp, +25% Def", "[Lv 6]: 38sp, +30% Def", "[Lv 7]: 41sp, +35% Def", "[Lv 8]: 44sp, +40% Def", "[Lv 9]: 47sp, +45% Def", "[Lv 10]: 50sp, +50% Def" }, "kRO/Data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skillinfolist.lub" [SKID.MER_HEAL] = { "MER_HEAL"; SkillName = "Heal", MaxLv = 10, SpAmount = { 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 40 }, bSeperateLv = true, AttackRange = { 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9 }, }, [SKID.MER_ANGELUS] = { "MER_ANGELUS"; SkillName = "Angelus", MaxLv = 10, SpAmount = { 23,26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41, 44, 47, 50 }, bSeperateLv = true, AttackRange = { 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 }, }, "kRO/Data/luafiles514/lua files/newskillinfo/skillid.lub" MER_HEAL = 8241, MER_ANGELUS = 8242, The mercenaries have been added to the following locations: "kRO/Data/luafiles514/lau files/datainfo/NPCIdentity.lub" "kRO/Data/laufiles514/lau files/datainfo/jobname.lub" "kRO/Data/laufiles514/lau files/datainfo/jobentity.lub" The 10 new items have been added to "kRO/System/itemInfo.lua" and "kRO/System/itemInfo.lub" through the luatolub tool. Testing Trials: The Mercenary Manager NPC works perfectly with correct text, items, and prices. I'm not too concerned about confirming the loyalty or "calls"/"faith" values yet. The scoll items used to create the mercenaries have the correct image, name, and work when used. The Mercenaries summoned have the correct animation, stats, and function as normal mercenaries would (Custom AI to be done at a later time). The two pre-existing skills, blessing and magnificat, work without issue when cast. Heal does work when cast but Angelus does not even appear in the mercenary skills list. Summary: I cannot see any other places that I would need to modify on the client to include more than the standard 40 mercenary skills so that my new skills appear in the list. Looking over the forums and many other sources I have found very limited information that would help. Some sites say it's a limitation of the client while others say it can be managed via the lua/lub files. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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