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    Learn more about ragnarok programmation and create a server in my own way~
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  1. Really good work! Thank you for sharing
  2. Try this: If you got any problem just tell me here.
  3. which files? I tried every kind of file about quests that I found in my exe... Should I update my exe or take a older version client? thanks...
  4. I looked for that file but I only found System/OngoingQuestInfoList.lub and I edited it, but it still doesn't work. I guess that, as you mentioned, those lub files(data/luafiles514/luafiles/quest) are not even being read by my 2018 client. I noticed that not only the sprites are not working but also the navigation, as you can see here: Besides that I also noticed that even the original quests sprites are not working too, only the navigation, as you can see here: I dont know if Im rigth but I think those sprites are related with navigation system. I guess the problem is with my client, hexed, or translated data and system versions... Could you recommend me a client/hexed version and translation that the npc quests sprites and navigation system works?? Thanks for helping me~
  5. Im using kRO 2018.03.27 client. My hexed is 2016-07-06Ragexe. Yes, my Iteminfo is lub too. Seems its not reading lua files. Do you think it is a problem? Thanks~ Yeees, it worked, the count is working now, thank you so much. But I still with the sprites(navigation) problems. As you said it seems that my quest lub files arent read. I took a look into kRO data quest files and I think they arent read too, seems like only questid2display.txt(in my data) and quest.conf(in my client) are read. Is there a way to make it read those files or it is my client that dont accept npc quest sprites?
  6. Yes, I edited it because is the only file there: (data\luafiles514\lua files\quest\ep_141quest_list.lub) and (data\luafiles514\lua files\quest\questinfo\epsoid141_list) Should I create a new file with my custom quests?
  7. Hello, I added some custom quests and they were ok, but the sprites and the count(how many monster or item left) didnt work. I added by following some topics here but they were very old so Im not sure if its rigth. I did it by modifying these files: - quest_db.conf: { Id: 20017 Name: "Treinamento Inicial" }, - questid2display.txt: 20017#Treinamento Inicial#SG_FEEL#QUE_NOIMAGE# Prove que voce e capaz de ser treinado por mim, mate 10 Esporos e volte para falar comigo!# Mate 10 Esporos.# - ep_141quest_list.lub (data\luafiles514\lua files\quest): { name =[[Treinamento Inicial]], scrfilename = [[epsoid141Quest]], questID = 20017, }, - epsoid141_list.lub (data\luafiles514\lua files\quest\questinfo): [20017] = { NPCToName = "Tayen", NPCToMap = "payon", NPCToSpr = "F_ORIENT_03", NPCToX = 166, NPCToY = 101, NPCFromName = "Tayen", NPCFromMap = "payon", NPCFromSpr = "F_ORIENT_03", NPCFromX = 166, NPCFromY = 101, Item = "", PrizeItem = "", Title = "Treinamento Inicial", Info = "Prove que voc??capaz de ser treinado por mim, mate 10 Esporos e volte para falar comigo!", Hunt1 = "< link = \"ESPORO\">Esporo<\\end> x 10 ", Hunt2 = "", Hunt3 = "", Time = "0", LV = "0", }, Here is the result: (missing sprite and the count of how many esporos I need to kill) https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-qvZjAaEsSQA/W25wj6qtcQI/AAAAAAAAlAU/Aniv9kZUvPoo94JXoi8R2c6kjQRynwG8QCLcBGAs/s1600/sprite.png Did I do it rigth? Is it missing any file? How can I add the sprites? Thanks
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