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    Thank you, I have already read those!
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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks Dastgir and Mysterious!
  3. Communication 10/10 out of all of the services I have ever tried Daifuku has been the best with communication I have had constant updates and screenshots on how evertything is going every couple of hours and if there's any kind of hold etc she will tell you. (Which is unlikely) Design 10/10 The designs she makes are very nice, I purchased a complete server graphic set because I liked them so much, I've added a preview of the design of my website below so you can see how awesome the designs are whether it be a professional design or friendly design I recommend Daifuku. Coding Will be added. Support 10/10 Daifuku provided constant support for any questions or concerns I had and has continued to do this. Overall 10/10 Very very pleased with the service, Daifuku does a great job with her customers and delivers a fast and beautiful design on time. She also has some of the cheapest rates going! I definitely recommend this service over all other services. Thank you for the graphics!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to hercules but have been around other communities for a little while, I'm from England but live in New Zealand, hope to meet everyone soon!