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  1. Does this still work? I've compiled the one posted by Kenpachi and everything looks fine, but when I use my custom skill, nothing happens? When I try to add Event_Label to any skill, nothing happens. Is there another way to make a skill call an npc event or function? Like npc->script_event(sd, "NPCname::EventLabel"); in skill.c?
  2. I lost a lot of work because I was lazy and made mistakes, then let out my anger on PonyVPS, and that was wrong. If it's alright with you, could I order a new server?
  3. I made a mistake by forgetting to back up my server after a few months of work, then lost it all when I was away for the holidays and forgot to pay the invoices for a few weeks. That's all my fault, though. This host is the best one out there right now and they do a good job of fixing your problems.
  4. Hi, I'm interested, but I can't seem to find any info on what versions of servers you setup. What's the latest version you can create? Would you create and setup a server for me to do what I want with? Or do I need to provide a server and you set that up on your end? I'm just a little tired and confused haha thanks for reading!
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