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  1. zack

    Skill Trace NPC

    Hi there. im thinking how to trace skill? because im making PVP ROOM no assumption i dont use dispell all.. only assumption when enter. and yes you can use assump inside only warper block you for assumption Thank you
  2. Bump.. Any Harmony 3.3.11 Patch from harmony? for Latest Hercules SVN because i tried manual patch its not working thanks..
  3. Hello can i request a command like @vote when you use @vote commad in game automatic open your default browser and goto in your voting link thanks
  4. zack

    Zack Profile

    Name: Zack- Positions desired' [*]( Im Not PRO ) [*]All Around Developer - Anything Modification Scripting and Little bit on SRC Modification [*] [*]Client Side(Specialty) - Implimenting Anti WPE/RPE/BOT Via WebServer no need framework or any.. like Plug and Play With Anti Client Modification auto detect src login. .. if you have new server and new VPS IP no need to Patchs new clientinfo.xml just PM me and i will change your IP Via my WebServer Client Secured and few minutes your Client IP is changed and available to connect to your new IP Need more experemental for 2012 clients [*] [*]Server Migrate (eAmod/eAthena/3ceAm to rAthena or rAthena/eAthena/3ceAm/eAmod Without wiping sql database no Rollback) Experiences [*]Server Developing 7Year's (Day of eAthena) [*]Client Developing 7Year's (Day of eAthena) Availbility Everyday AnyTime just leave me an message when you Online Previous Server Work since year 2008 to 2012 IntRO ( Down ) RumbleRO ( Down ) InfinityRO ( Down ) TwinRO ( Down ) FederalRO ( Down ) OneRO ( Down ) MintRO ( Up ) InspireRO ( Up Working ) EternalRO ( Up ) FlavusRO ( Up ) PathosRO ( Up ) EliteGameRO ( Up ) TorskieRO ( Up ) StayRO ( Up ) Note: Some server have a same name so before you thinking one of this is your server and you never hire me as developer please contact me first before trash comment/reply Age and/or Date of birth Age: 20 Address: Pampanga Philippines Nationality and Languages spoken [*]I'm a Filipino [*]English Hobbies and Interests [*]Client Modification Experiment For Anti Cheating and Remoting Client. to enable Banning Using WebServer Client
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