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  1. So literally anybody can bruteforce admin account with this panel and change settings? Correct?
  2. https://herc.ws/wiki/Custom_weapons
  3. Интерфейс переводится файлами в виде картинок. Диалоги нпц задаются на стороне сервера кодировкой файла в кирилице
  4. Oh god... do you create issue? Or what?
  5. Check map server after reloadscript or after clicking Mb some errors
  6. Do you change file encoding?
  7. Why do you need search it? If someone killed boss - add respawn time to one NPC Every 5 min(for ex) this NPC check - do you need spawn MVP or not. After reloadscript check: if NPC have MVP timer - don't spawn, else - spawn.
  8. Monsters create at start server? Not at map activation? Better remove normal spawn and do it with script. Also use search -
  9. No You can create diff with 2013 emu and try to apply to current. But a lot of things changed. Also you have rathena and wanna herc
  10. try use *skill(<skill id>, <level>{, <flag>}) istead *skill <skill id>, <level>{, <flag>} (https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/script_commands.txt#L6502)
  11. https://rathena.org/board/topic/125249-4th-job-development-project/
  12. because packet version. As @Kuya Jeo mention, you can have 2 different diff clients. But can you status window hardcoded in exe.
  13. No, it's about - if you point target(not yet even cast skill) - check, if it's normal monster, boss or player.
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