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  1. Hi guys, I really have no idea or maybe it's a bug with VIEW ID. Im hexed client with 2017-06-14bRagexeRE but there is no luck to make it work, I only managed to add custom item with max viewid 2584 only. Im pretty sure i changed max view id during patch, tried 5000, 3000, 20000, 3200 but no luck. Once it exceed 2584 value all headgear wont show if equipped. Lower then that it's fine. please help @Functor @San @4144
  2. I tested this long time ago. Even i do separate woe maps and normal map to archive best performance. Unfortunetly multi map server is NO NO for *athena based sever. I tried with Freya, eathena, rathena and herc. The best is Freya. But there lots of risk such as duplicate item, announcement and etc.. unless u use aegis.
  3. Look like bug report wont get clean soon or sooner.. they more intrested in modify config, database structure and etc which i think not too important since they already stable. Im sorry for my statement.
  4. I have this issue with acolyte class... There something wrong with job table.. Now novice i dont know either it's same.
  5. this great. Thank you for good work.
  6. i belive mob_item_ratio is not supported by hercules.
  7. daim

    Help with pvp script

    Hi, Is this script working?
  8. Hi there, May i know how to utilise or use pet exchange coupon? such as succubus pet exchange coupon? thanks
  9. //= The default points is Kafrapoints change it anyway if you like. //= 1.1 = Check Chatting too //= 1.2 = 5 Minute Idle Check & @at/@autotrade check. //= 1.3 = Corrected the current balance line on 12 Hours Consecutive //==================================================================== - script hourlypoints -1,{ //--Start of the Script OnPCLoginEvent: addtimer .timer,"hourlypoints::OnPointGet"; end; OnPointGet: while(checkvending() >= 1 || checkchatting() == 1) { sleep2 .delay; if([email protected]$=="") dispbottom set([email protected]$,"The hourly points event haulted because you were vending, chatting, or idle."); } set #CASHPOINTS, #CASHPOINTS + .point_amt; dispbottom "You received "+.point_amt+" Kafrapoints by staying ingame for 1 hour"; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#CASHPOINTS+" Kafrapoints"; set @consecutive_hour, @consecutive_hour + 1; //Check for 3 hours consecutive if(@consecutive_hour == 3) { set @consecutive_hour,0; set #CASHPOINTS, #CASHPOINTS + .cpoint_amt; dispbottom "You receive "+.cpoint_amt+" Kafrapoints in playing for 12 consecutive hours"; dispbottom "Current Balance = "+#CASHPOINTS+" Kafrapoints"; } addtimer .timer,"hourlypoints::OnPointGet"; end; OnInit: set .timer, 1000*15*15; //Timer in milliseconds. set .cpoint_amt, 15; //Points gained for consecutive time online. set .point_amt, 5; //Normal points gained. set .delay, 1000; //Delay for idle re-check check. set .dlimit, 60*30; //Stop points if afk greater then in seconds (30mins). } Hi guys, I need someone who pro in scripting help me adding a command for @hourcheck and it will display how many time remaining for reward. Thank you in advance.
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