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  1. Oh.. I see. Well.. That's just free add on for those who want to use it (:
  2. I stopped at that moment =( I can't verify with their requirements Paymentwall is kinda bad, kinda good,Good since it have wide variety of options to pay through. Bad , because sometimes player needs to confirm themself(which I guess half of them won't do) As I understand - I have to confirm myself by photo. Not player, who will pay through it.
  3. I stopped at that moment =( I can't verify with their requirements
  4. This addon allows you to get donations through Payment Wall (https://paymentwall.com/) system. !!!Attention!!! This addon was tested only on Test projects. Contact me, when you will test it with approved projects for better testing and bugfixing (if needed) Installation Register account at Payment Wall (https://www.paymentwall.com/) Create new project Set project up. Important notes: API => Virtual Currency Pingback Type => Url When you type pingback url - make sure to place '/' at the end of url Pingback signature version => 1 Add 2 custom pingback parameters: module and action. [screenshot](http://i.imgur.com/T4FHoyo.png) Upload 'pwall' folder into your addons folder. Edit 'pwall/config/addon.php' with your settings. Place your Public key Place your Secret key Input width and height for widget Edit donation rate and currency Add link to page your.site.com/?module=pwall wherever you want. Test it! Note While your project in Test status - you can test it only while you logged in at Payment Wall (https://www.paymentwall.com/). Page example Bug reports Report bugs on GitHub, so they can be fixed ASAP. Or contact me here: kenik Download GitHub: https://github.com/kenik/flux_paymentwall GitHub: https://github.com/kenik/FluxCP-Addons/tree/master/pwall
  5. kenik

    Item Script

    Hmm.. You show code of item with ID 20307 and before - there is an error in item with ID 20043. Show correct item (:
  6. kenik

    Item Script

    Show item's code, than. How did you added this in item_db.conf
  7. Command top. You write in console: top. And you will see processes running now. htop - it's top with some 'gui' in console. Oh! And if you runs server with screen - check other screens. 'screen -ls' - this command will show you all screen session of current user. Check it with 'screen -r <session №/name>' command
  8. Use top (or htop) to check - looks like you try to run server while another copy is already running.
  9. Did you try to use gdb? I'm not sure, about 3CeAm, but in Hercules or rAthena it's very useful http://herc.ws/wiki/GDB
  10. This? // When songs are canceled, terminated or the character goes out of the // area of effect, there's an additional effect that lasts for 20 seconds // Should that time be reset for each song? // 0: No, you must recast the song AFTER those 20 seconds to have the effect again (Aegis) // 1: Yes, recasting songs reset the 20 seconds timer (eathena) song_timer_reset: 0 conf/battle/skill.conf
  11. You can place progressbar script command there. Simple example: function go { if (.deadlock && !Hp) { message strcharinfo(0), "You may not use @go when you are dead."; } else if (.town && !getmapflag(strcharinfo(3), mf_town)) { message strcharinfo(0), "You may only use @go in towns."; } else if (.delay && @go_delay > gettimetick(2)) { message strcharinfo(0), "You must wait "+ (@go_delay - gettimetick(2)) +" seconds before warping again."; } else if (BaseLevel < getarg(3)) { message strcharinfo(0), "You must be at least level "+ getarg(3) +" to warp to this map."; } else if (getgroupid() < getarg(4) || getmapflag(getarg(0), mf_nowarp)) { message strcharinfo(0), "You are not authorised to warp to this map."; } else if (.charge && Zeny < getarg(5)) { message strcharinfo(0), "You must have at least "+ getarg(5) +" zeny to warp to this map."; } else { if (.delay) { @go_delay = gettimetick(2) + .delay; } if (.charge) { Zeny -= getarg(5); } progressbar "0x000000",3; warp getarg(0), getarg(1), getarg(2); end; } message strcharinfo(0), "@go failed."; end; } P.S. I used function go from that topic
  12. There're few jobs. And people get it through NPC. So, easiest way - is to add "donpcevent" in that NPCs after jobchanging.
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