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  1. Hello there. Im using 2015-11-04aRagexe client. Edit: I manage to make it work. For everyone crashing on the item tag here is the fix local imagetag_front_startpos, imagetag_front_endpos = string.find(msg, [[<%s*image%s*=%s*"%d*"%s*>]]); Just replace the above line with the line below. local imagetag_front_startpos, imagetag_front_endpos = string.find(msg, [[<%s*image%s*=%s*\"%d*\"%s*>]]); Hope this helps everyone who are looking for the answer.
  2. same problem that I got mate. Can somebody help us please. Thanks in advance.
  3. did someone solve this problem with 2015 client?
  4. So after researching for about 2 days now and concluded that 3999 is the is the max mob id for my client 2015-11-04aRagexe, So I made some custom mobs on the vacant ID's the problem is when the id is below 3970 the mob is too big when spawned. 3971 and above is fine until 3998.here is an example of the mob. I also check it on act editor/sprite editor and the size is just normal.
  5. Actually by default ma'am the quest is already loaded with the asheraf luafiles. I just edited it to work on my needs. Here is the code ma'am DivideQuest_List = { [80000] = { NPCFromName = [[Guide]], NPCFromMap = [[auda_city1]], NPCFromSpr = [[8W_SOLDIER]], NPCFromX = 208, NPCFromY = 219, NPCToName = [[King of Midgard]], NPCToMap = [[auda_city1]], NPCToSpr = [[4_M_RUSKING]], NPCToX = 201, NPCToY = 258, Item = [[]], PrizeItem = [[]], Title = [[Meeting the King of Midgard]], Info = [[Meet the King of Midgard so he could brief you about the current situation.]], QuickInfo = [[]], Hunt1= [[]], Hunt2= [[]], Hunt3= [[]], Time = [[0]], LV = [[0]], }, [80001] = { NPCFromName = [[Combat Instructor Vino]], NPCFromMap = [[iz_ac01]], NPCFromSpr = [[4_M_NOV_HUNT]], NPCFromX = 59, NPCFromY = 83, NPCToName = [[Combat Instructor Vino]], NPCToMap = [[iz_ac01]], NPCToSpr = [[4_M_NOV_HUNT]], NPCToX = 59, NPCToY = 83, Item = [[< image = "909">Jellopy<\end> (5)]], PrizeItem = [[]], Title = [[Jellopy is Delicious..]], Info = [[Creative Ventura School, We use an important ingredient which is called Jellopy, Get 5 Jellopy and Kill 10 Porings(Can be found on west field of izlude) then come back to Vino]], QuickInfo = [[]], Hunt1 = [[< link = "PORING">Poring<\end> x 10 ]], Hunt2= [[]], Hunt3= [[]], Time = [[0]], LV = [[0]], }, } _G.QuestTable.AddList("DivideQuest",DivideQuest_List)
  6. The asheraf lua files maam is modified by sir dastgir that includes a modified QuestLuaFileList.lub that reads the localquest/local_dividequest_list.lub This is the original link maam Annie
  7. Hello Miss Annie. Im using Asheraf data folder. Along with sir dastgir's custom quest on event tab. The quest is attached below maam. Its reading the questid2display.txt maam along with the quest folder inside luafiles. My eyes burn T_T took me so much time to google and try other lubs. Thank you. quest.zip
  8. Good Day Ma'am/Sir, Im trying to figure out the Quest Log window. Everything is working fine except when a quest got an item requirement or attachment something like the image below. even with the ItemPrize it would stop responding automatically. I am using asheraf quest lua/lub (because this is the only lub file that shows me the quest) and my client is 2015-11-04aRagexe Thank you in advance. I really need your help
  9. Good Day Sir, I followed the instruction but I got errors. below are the errors that Im having. I think I got a problem with this file https://github.com/ROClientSide/Translation/commit/9d93ef1 (This Commit is necessary) because the link is dead. would you mind sir if you can give me a copy. I hope you can help me out. Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much miss annie.
  11. Hello ma'am/Sir, I have been googling for about 2 hours now. Looking on client and server section. How can I get the new quest window? If it is based on exe what exe date should I have. Thanks in advance
  12. Good Day everyone, I have been googling and searching in here and on the wiki but there is not much info about the quest window. The thing is how can I show the sprite of the npc/monster on the quest window? please see attached for example. Thanks in advance guys and more power.
  13. Good Day Everyone, My client is working perfectly but there is one thing that is bothering me a little . Everytime I open my client I am ask by windows to allow my exe to make changes on my device. But I know how to remove it manually via the user account settings. But my question is, is there a way to make it automatically? Thank in advance.
  14. Hello Guys, Actually I got my eyes on DO but they don't offer any DDOS protection. is firewall enough to avoid DDOS attacks? base on my experience before which players that I got are not that good and they will do what they can to do harm on the server.
  15. Good Day everyone, After being out of the game for quite some time. I finally got the drive to move forward again and make a new server. but something is bothering me. Its the hosting, my choices are OVH and Digital Ocean. Im from the Philippines (SEA), Somehow cheaper servers are hosted far for example LA, Just wanna ask if whats the best server that I can get not in Asia that have a stable latency which I can connect and other players from other countries specially US because my friends are there. Thank you.
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