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  1. as darkalucard say, it seems that data.grf and rdata.grf from nickyzai's release is ok, but maybe some dll are corrupt so the client crashed. im using from roclients.info release and its working fine.
  2. confirmed. latest client version 20150303 from nickyzai are corrupt. with the one from roclients.info are working. thanks
  3. i have problem running the client. using this guide, - download latest kro from http://www.nickyzai.com/?p=kro (20150301) - updating with rag and renewal lite. - using 20140416 ragexe client version, patched with nemo with the recommended diffs (tried with/out read data folder first). - using data folder and system/font + iteminfo.lua from client-translation-project. - editing clientinfo.xml patched client always crash. OS : Win7 x64 Home Premium and i dont install any RO Client ever since i fresh install Win7. Any Clue ? the exception code are always 0xc0000005
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