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  1. well everything is working it is only the problem of port 6900 that you do not want to open hahah: c
  2. Yes sir! when i try to turn on the server
  3. Sir in the console it tells me that it is open but when I try to log the server it keeps saying that it is closed as in the port checker: C PD : [Status]: Connecting to MY IP:6900 [Error]: make_connection: connect failed (socket #6, error 111: Connection refused
  4. Hi I have a problem when opening the ports in google cloud vps in centos 7 the other ports open normal but port 6900 does not open, I would like to know any suggestions to open this port? ps: ports 5121 and 6121 are already in the firewall open normally but 6900 does not open
  5. I would like to know if there is a way to update it and keep the settings in the src
  6. Solucionado pueden cerrar--Solo baje el hercules de su pagina y resplanse la carpeta db ahora mismo cargo sin errores
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