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  1. I agree but a guide showing how easy it is to accomplish this with docker is as hard as 3 code lines to install docker and 2 lines to install hercules on mysql! And the advanced subjects of how to create a swarm to get rid of ddos attacks are really simple
  2. Hi everyone, Im trying to create a container for hercules on Docker which i think would be great for the community! My main idea is to create a container which you can link to a mysql container and deploy the development to production faster! This could change how the server maintenance works and how long it takes! And getting a working hercules server would be as hard as a command "docker run ragnarok/hercules" Maintenance would take only seconds to get the server back up! Im learning docker as i work as software architect and as a noob when comes to creating a hercules server i need someone who understands how to put a hercules server online to help me set up the environment and the forum admin to create the hercules account on dockerhub. It would be a single hercules image it would be free for everyone. Sorry for my lazy english im brazilian https://hub.docker.com/ https://www.docker.com/
  3. I need a quotation for a server with the following project: - Host Windows Azure (Dedicated server) - Pre-Renewal Server (5/5/3) - Website with payment options to buy cash (Paypal or Pagseguro) - Patcher - Installer - Anti-DDOS - Anti-Hacking - Forum - Cash Vending System - @Arealoot - Maps, Monsters and Items from renewal must work but i will change its scripts to work with pre-renewal - Price for custom maps, npcs, monsters and items (each or package prices) Website must be in brazilian portuguese! (i can help translating) Your PM not working
  4. Sorry for my lazy english! I do have a project in mind which will require someone capable of the following tasks: Setup Ragnarok Pre-Renewal Server (Hercules is my main option); Setup Custom Selling in Game (players sell by cash); Setup Custom Events; Setup Custom Battle Grounds; Setup Patcher; Setup Installer; Setup Renewal maps, items and monsters on a pre-renewal server (which i will balance); Setup DDos Protection; Setup a Hack Prevention System; Setup Website with Paypal; Setup Forum; Create custom maps, items, npcs and monsters (Need price by each or package); Optional Setup pagseguro payment system; Pre-reqs Set everything in my Azure Dedicated Server ( i can offer any OS azure has available for a dedicated server) Everything except Ragnarok Game MUST BE BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE which i can help translating, I will need help to get this project done and helping me keeping new content; Please send your quotation to [email protected]