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  1. I got a problem with "Sound Setting" about it's not saving BGM Volume (only 1 function) This problem within Client 2013-12-23 more = (problem) but before Client 2013-08-07 = (no problem) how to test 1. Open Setup.exe and setting Sound BGM to 100% 2. Login to game with Client (2013-12-23 more) and change BGM down to 30% After that you have to change map (Please Open Sound BGM) 3. Please observe the "Volume" , It's random 0% - 100% But "Sound" was to 100% same (chose 1) 4. When we exit Client isn't saving "BGM Volume" Let's watch the video again..
  2. who know how to hex code about when i change the cart although skill "cheange cart" level 1 I can see style cart of level 40-99 and 101-141
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