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  1. Can't seem to find older versions of vs. Any compiler you know for windows?
  2. oh sorry i forgot to mention, I'm using latest 3ceam on Visual Studios 2017
  3. Does anyone know how to compile in the latest versions?
  4. Sir Nihad I just noticed the item_db.conf you shared, it ends with: { Id: 18872 AegisName: "Snake_H
  5. Hello my client (2014-10-22b) crashes when i change gender to female of any job. How to fix this? i already patched custom job.
  6. Since @mail is not yet working on 2015 , is there anyway to get the item from sendmail (https://rathena.org/...-scriptcommand/) source? Like @getmail custom command which you'll get the item / zennies immediately?
  7. still hoping for a surprise update of something.
  8. any way to fix when doing crit the animation of skill are gone? And can i exclude asura from magic critical strike?
  9. Anyone can help me with this? Or any of it is possible?
  10. Client crashes when you turn on autoattack then @warp to any map. I'm using 2015-11-04
  11. OH Cool I'll take a look at it htanks evil <3
  12. Is there a script that attaches bonus stats(example: bonus Str + 1 on someone who killed an Mvp) on characters?