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  1. just merge your ragnarokdb and logdb it works fine
  2. 7/10. a great work. ps. titan never win
  3. indeed a great work, good for story quest
  4. same process connect your html/splash page to your phpmyadmin but the down side is unencrypted. or add encryption
  5. move to db/pre-re or re/map_zone_db.conf
  6. wOni

    Private DeadBranch

    you don't have that map in you emulator.
  7. SC_BUFF db/sc_config.txt solved. ps. herc is better. user friendly
  8. as all we know. Tarot (The High Priest) remove all buffs. even foods and FCP. is possible to seperate Buffs and FCP for change_clear_buffs(bl,1) ps. rathena Resolved a flag overlap for status_change_clear_buffs
  9. wOni

    new skill

    Duplicate Skill ID 10000 in entry 1108 have you try adding that in skill_tree.conf
  10. up map/battle.c For cart termination skill alone edit red For Cart Termi skill + Cart Weight edit Red and Blue case WS_CARTTERMINATION: i = 10 * (16 - skill_lv); if (i < 1) i = 1; //Preserve damage ratio when max cart weight is changed. if(sd && sd->cart_weight) skillratio += sd->cart_weight/i * 80000/battle_config.max_cart_weight - 100; else if (!sd) skillratio += 80000 / i - 100; break; use your imagination and calculator.
  11. breaking item when fail delitem [email protected],1; going back to +0 refined items when success getitem2 [email protected], 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, [email protected]; search for getitem2 and getequiprefinerycnt getitem2("<item name>", <amount>, <identify>, <refine>, <attribute>, <card1>, <card2>, <card3>, <card4>{, <account ID>}) for clear enchants you need to add new npc. untested
  12. db/pre-re[re]/skill_db.conf Id: 489 (Tarot) change SkillData2: 30000 to 0
  13. old bump @Dastgir hello sir, old bump request, figuring out client 2015-11-04a ragexe with latest git. and i believe packetkeys transfer to src/map/packet_keys_main.h clientinfo = korea and primary Packet First Key Encryption [325ADCCA] Packet Second Key Encryption [10A8A9AF] Packet Third Key Encryption [3403EC37] ps. i try to change different keys but same result, i did hundred of recheck in nemo also Yellow: can't connect to server Red: can't create character to server. EDIT: FIXED. when i try different client that dosn't support doram it works perfectly.
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