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Found 1 result

  1. Scripting Tutorials and Guides I'm going to attempt to help everyone here with their scripts while not being directly involved in helping you with them xD. This will also help future/current scripters get some fresh info and maybe inspire innovative ideas towards scripting. So that we can prove that us " Scripters " are the superior ragnarok emulation race! Take that Source Code writers!! Jk lol, we need you too . What I'm going to do, is write detailed tutorials on how to write a few scripts. Starting from the basics to more advanced scripts. This way everyone can follow along. And hopefully this will help everyone understand how to write a few scripts and even troubleshoot their own scripts. Also please read: Scripting Standards. It will help you understand how to read some of the syntax and way people script things. // A list of <sprite id>s can be found here: Sprite_IDs Credits: Ai4rei Scripting Tutorials & Guides In this section you will learn how to write scripts ranging from Complete Begginer Level Scripts ( Me and Some of you ) -> Expert Level Scripts ( Think, Developer Status O.o; ) - Beginner Scripts - Scripts for complete beginners and novice scripters. - Intermediate Scripts - Scripts for intermediate level scripters. If you completed my beginner script series, then you are ready for this section. - Advanced Scripts - Scripts for advanced level scripters. If you completed my intermediate script series and have made a few of your own intermediate scripts, then you are ready for this section. Edit: I know some of you may have been patiently waiting for me to release the Battle Refine script. However, due to it not being a stand-alone script ( stand-alone meaning it only requires itself to work ), I decided to not release it as a tutorial. This is because these guides are designed to teach people how to write scripts that can work all on their own. I can't do that if I release guides to write one, that would require editing official scripts as well. Since that would be moving backwards. Therefore, it won't be as a guide. However, I'll probably release it to the public in due time. The idea behind this topic, is for new users, and current ones, to have a (second)place they can go to for reference when trying to write a script if they can't figure it out with script_commands.txt file. It will also help people learn how to write scripts. While hopefully, keeping script writing techniques to a ' very ' similar structure! Did I help you? Let me know!
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