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Found 6 results

  1. Rewrite in C++ or in a language more current. I think that would be a big step for the emulator and for the community. A brAthena programmer was already doing it there, but took a break. Are two projects that I would like to see in C++. Maybe in the beginning can be a parallel development and then be the main. As stated in the section, it's a suggestion.
  2. I want to suggest a checkmapindex script command i think it will be useful like input [email protected]$;if( checkmapindex([email protected]$) == 0){ mes "Map not Found"; close; }....
  3. Well this is for novice users that doesn't know what to do if you make a pull on your local directory and all your config get messed up with merge things x.x Can we have a battleimport folder? This can increase the ease of configuring a server.. I think it's possible easly but I mean, enable it by default Because.. I don't like when the updates mess up with my custom values x.x and have to solve merging errors when updating ..
  4. For example for one commit.. It says... Showing 3 changed files with 35 additions and 14 deletions. Hope it'll show that what files were changed below it. Yes indeed, it shows the file but in the diff form with -/+ like on trac.. for example.. here the files edited were clif.c and etc.. Pros: its easy to transfer the files that were updated
  5. Remove option Show 'Edit by' line in any board. But because Wolf? - For administrators and moderators have control of members' posts. In case of disputes, discussions, prevent members to edit their posts, not that it will happen, but if it happens. I think only creators of topics in the areas of tutorials should have this option, to edit/update/modify your tutorials.
  6. Idk, the current one looks pretty bland to me. I made a sort of banner/logo to replace it with; feel free to use it if you like it. Logo: Logo w/o slogan: