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Found 12 results

  1. Trinity Networks offers Easy to manage, enterprise-level, and very affordable DDOS Protected Ragnarok Hosting Solution. We also offer Virtual Private Servers, Domain Transfers and Registrations along with Standard to DDOS Protected Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Unmanaged Budget to Enterprise Dedicated Servers, Seed Boxes and other services for your Ragnarok Servers. Check out our RO Hosting Offers, and if you have any questions, our support staff are more than happy to help! Just create an account at our website ( ) and open a sales ticket for inquiries. All RO Hosting Servers comes with: * Full ROOT Access * SolusVM Access ( from our solusvm panel or our website itself! ) * Free sub-domain ( / ) * Free Flux/Ceres Install * Free Forum Install (SMF,phpBB,punBB,Vanilla) * Offloaded SQL * Free use of our Trinity Networks RO Panel ~ TRINITY NETWORKS RO PANEL ~ Start, Stop, Restart, Backup, Compile and edit your RO Servers anytime, anywhere! Our easy-to-use panel is accessible on any browser and device so you don't have to worry about server downtime, and if unexpected life events happen and you need to take a few days off, you can add a staff member to the service(and control their level of access) to make sure that the server stays up while you are away! Note: We're currently working on TNRO Panel v1.1 and we're adding more features and updating the GUI so stay tuned! Frequently Asked Questions: You're in the Philippines and you don't have a paypal account? No problem we allow any money transfer service such as Western Union, Cebuana Pera Padala , M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala or even Gcash Transactions, we also accept local bank deposits! For more info please send your questions thru skype (support_942 | [email protected]<script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>) or by creating an account and opening a sales ticket at Payment Methods:
  2. Anyone recommend which OS i will choose? Which one is easier to configure, I don't know anything yet. I just wanted to learn configure a server myself. Anyone can help? My choices are only Centos 5,6,7 (64 bit) Debian 6,7 (64 bit) Ubuntu 12.04,14.04,16.04 (64 bit)
  3. Anyone can recommend me where can I host the emulator i use? A budget friendly hosting for testing/starters. Location: Philippines
  4. Has anyone used to host their ragnarok servers? how was it?
  5. Can't decide from which one, any suggestions?
  6. Hi hercules members. I would like to offer my service to whom might be interest with. Full Server Setup - NOW ONLY 15 USD * Emulator setup (rAthena/Hercules/3CeAM) with latest SVN/GIT in your VPS * Latest Ragexe/RagexeRE client setup supported by the choosen emulator * GRF Building with cientside english translation * Webserver setup include MySQL & Phpmyadmin * Thor patcher setup (Defaut Skin only) * Flux Control Panel setup (Default Theme only) * Server consultation (if related to the setup those i have done as listed above) Server Setup Only - 5 USD * Setup emulator in your VPS + Webserver, MySQL & Phpmyadmin Client Setup & Thor Patcher Only - 5 USD * Setup Ragexe / RagexeRE & Thor Patcher (Defaut Skin only) Control Panel Setup Only - 5 USD * Setup Flux Control Panel (Default Theme only) Forum Setup Only - 10 USD * Setup free forum (myBB, phpBB, smf) Troubleshooting: If current customers run into problems regarding their SETUP, within my capabilities there will be no charge. Bring to me a clean VPS, then I will setup it for me for above price. I would recommend a debian (not CentOS) Q: Why Debian over other other Linux Distributions such as CentOS? A: It is not a neccessary to use Debian. Just in my case, i feel comfortable using Debian instead of CentOS. Perhaps because Debian provides updates on software more regularly & frequently than other Linux Distribution such as CentOS. Following link could give you a clearer & brighter image on this thing. NOTE : There is one useful git command. which is git diff. diff -> it show the changes those u have made.. and today i just noticed the diff shown in centos is too dammed not clear & noticable. it even not catch the diff properly, the diff in centos seems broken. u can refer to the image below. left one is git diff on centos while right one is git diff on ubuntu. as u can see git diff on ubuntu would much clearer & noticeable to see the changes those u have done. So, why should u choose over the distro that carries very outdated software & the changes u have done is not noticable + not catching the diff properly? Reminder: 1. Bare in mind. I'm not the person who in charge in paying the VPS rental fee. I'm just providing service for setup the server to be playable. As i only charge the service provided ONCE, thus, the VPS rental fee is under the server owner responsibilities. Just a 10 USD VPS should be enough & meet the requirement to run RO. 2. I'm only done the default setup (server-side & client-side) / default skin (thor patcher) / default theme (flux control panel). any mods / customization i'm not interested to do the setup. Those are should be under the server's owner to deal with it, NOT ME. Thus i'm not responsible for fixing any bugs / errors / problems resulting from the mods / customization those the server's owner have been done. My project? U can click link down below. Not my server & I'm not the server owner. Thus providing service to setup & hosting this server. Feel free to check it. Accepted Payments: Paypal Contact Infomation: skype: hazim_jauhari discord: mikegyver#3804 Feel free to contact me if you have any question
  7. hi guys tatanong ko lng kung ano bang magandang VPS? ung pony ba? manilahostings? or trinity networks?
  8. Promotion is 40% off of all hosting, for all new client and existing Client From 12 Dec 2016 to 2 Jan 2017 Promo code is AB-Holiday40% Will recur for 2 month For The Holiday Season and New Year From our family to yours, we hope this year end with a good note and begin with a better one next year Abaze Servers, LLC established in 2014, All Hosting services have DDoS protection system, and exclusively for our network. we offer (Shared hosting up to VPS Hosting). We don't and will not over sell anyone of our service, if we need to add hard drives, ram, servers, we will. We do offer custom package to meet your needs if you have any, please submit a support ticket to our sales department. [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> With all ragnarok hosting package, we offer a free RO Panel to access via the web. Payment Methods: Paypal All Services We Offer: Licensing - Starting at $2.00 monthly. Shared Hosting - Starting at $5.00 monthly. Reseller Hosting - Starting at $7.50 monthly. VPS Hosing - Starting at $10.00 monthly. Ragnarok Hosting - Starting at $13.00 monthly. We our offering free patch/control panel hosting come by and check it out, and one other benefit, we don't require you to have a server with us. We have a web base ro panel to manage you ro server, it will allow you to (backup, check the status, start/stop/restart servers, compile the servers, edit files) so please check out our ragnarok services. Any questing please fell free to ask or post here, i will gladly answer any question you may have.
  9. The new kids on the block. COUPON CODE: HERCULES Plan Advantages: l No Setup Fees l 1-hour Account Activation l Full Root Access l SSH Access l 24-core Servers l SSDs in RAID 10 l 100Mbit Network Speed l Minimum 2.5 Gbit DDoS Protection You will be in full control of your Private Ragnarok Online server. Your server will be setup at a maximum time frame of 1 hour. After your server is setup, you will be given your root password and details on how to connect through SSH. That means you can install other apps such as a website, forum and online shop. MySQL databases are one-click away from being populated with data. OS Options: l Debian l CentOS l Ubuntu For maximum flexibility, you will be able to choose which operating system you want to use. Three major ones of Linux are provided, but you are also allowed to install your own operating system as long as you have a valid license for it. We will even assist you through the installation! Server Locations: l Chicago, USA l London, England l Sydney, Australia No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to enjoy our services. You can setup your Ragnarok Online server in one of our data centers. For Ragnarok Online servers catering western audiences, you can host it on our Chicago data center. For European servers, you ca host it on our London data center. Have players in Asia and Oceania? Host it on our Sydney data center. Service Guarantees: l 99.9% Server Uptime l 99.9% Network Uptime l 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee l 24/7/365 Technical Support FilamHost is very new to the scene, but that doesn’t mean our staff do not know what they’re doing. We have hired experts in the field of virtual private servers that are ready to assist you with a smile. They are available through chat, e-mail, phone and our ticketing system. Also Provided: l Weekly Dropbox Backups l Installation & Troubleshooting l DDoS Protection & Mitigation l Assisted Data Transfer Need more assistance with your Private Ragnarok Online server? We can help you with installation of the emulator! We will also help you setup your own control panel, the patch server and anti-DDoS measures. We also have a knowledge base that you can access through the control panel which has extensive information regarding virtual private servers. Payment Gateways: l PayPal Verified Accounts l Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) l Bank Transfer (Bank of America, Banco De Oro, etc.) If you have any further questions, you can talk to me or one of our live representatives on the website. You can also give us a phone call on the numbers below. Phone Numbers (ID: 227503): l US: +1-855-211-0932 l International: +1-727-546-HOST(4678) l UK: +44-20-3695-1294 l AU: +61-2-8417-2372 Ready to Start? Click Here Cloud Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Semi-Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain Names
  10. Hello Hercules Community! We are please to introduce to you Premium Ragnarok VPS Game Hosting. Website: Skype: xcitehub US Premium Ragnarok Starts at $20.99 / month Location: Seattle Test IP: SG Premium Ragnarok Starts at $32.00 / month Location: Singapore Test IP: Payment Gateway: Paypal , GCash, SmartMoney and Palawan. ------------------------------------- FREE: << control panel & patch hosting with our Ultra Fast SG Webhosting Plan 10GB SSD | 300GB Bandwidth << really? cPanel | phpMyAdmin | FTP | Softacolous Hashield Protection: $30 - Installation ------------------------------------- - Ready FLuxCP Control Panel (latest rAthena Flux made compatible to Hercules) - Standard/Official Emulator Setup - Full ROOT access - Your dedicated game database with PhpMyAdmin access Free game admin support: Script Installation/Debugging Custom Item/Map/Mob Installation Server parameters VNC Remote Desktop Start Stop Restart Compile Backup game database. Ready Lite Installer We compile your lite and full client installer Free torrent seeding at our high speed Choice of the latest rAthena SVN (Pre-renewal/Renewal) Hercules SVN (Pre-renewal/Renewal) or Emulator Transfer (FREE transfer of your emulator and Web content) FREE Script 200+ Custom New Headgears/Pets/Wings/Weapon Ghost's PvP System (Multi-announcer + Ladder + GFx + Reward) MVP Spawn + Reward (register timestamp on every MVP killed and will spawn on the specified time. this will prevent boss spawn on @reloadscript or server restart.) PVP MVP GVG Top Ladder. Working Vote for Points System ------------------------------------- Fifteen (15) Days MONEY BACK Guarantee on ALL SG Web Hosting Plans. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! Instant setup upon payment. Thank you for your time reading xCiteHUB Game Hosting Solutions
  11. hai all, i would like to ask how to change default directory /var/www/html ? im on root privileged, im using WinSCP, so i create 1 directory for control panel with is /root/www because im lazy to open my vps gui, i want to just use ftp only. what should i config at httpd.conf ? someone can guide me ? i just change the directory, but cannot. please help me.
  12. Antes de empezar aclaro que esta guía esta hecha en base a Ubuntu Server 12.10, con una instalación limpia, sin ningún paquete. Para otras distribuciones la cosa es muy parecida, en muchos casos simplemente es cambiar el apt-get por el gestor de paquetes que disponga el sistema operativo, lo más normal es yum que son de distribuciones basades en redhat(centos,fedora) Partimos de la base que el sistema ya esta instalado y tenemos un usuario creado, en esta guia no vamos a tocar el usuario root, ya que por temas de seguridad es mejor hacerlo así. Primero de todo tenemos que actualizar los paquetes de nuestro sistema operativo. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Una vez esta actualizado, tenemos que instalar los paquetes necesarios para compilar el emulador Hercules. Primero instalamos git, que es necesario para tener la última versión del código fuente. sudo apt-get install git Una vez tenemos el programa git tenemos que obtener el código fuente: git clone ~/Hercules Una vez tenemos el código fuente, necesitaremos algunos programas extras para compilarlo. Ejecutamos sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client mysql-common gcc libmysqlclient18 screen make zlibc zlib1g zlib1g-dev libmysqlclient-dev zlib1g-dev libpcre3-dev Durante la instalación nos pedirá la contraseña de root de mysql. Ponemos una contraseña y continuamos. Antes de terminar tecleamos para configurar ./configure --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD Si tenemos un sistema operativo de 64 bits ./configure –enable-64bit --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD Y para terminar, ponemos make Como veis esto es una guia bastante basica, con lo minimo para tener un servidor funcionando, recomiendo leer la wiki Tenemos más información en el post #2 de jaBote PD: La guia la he hecho mientras probaba todos los comandos y la seguia paso a paso en una maquina virtual con Ubuntu Server 12.10, así que todas las ips, usuarios y datos "críticos" no son reales, son de una maquina virtual creada expresamente para hacer esta guia.